Muddy Cup, Part II

The last time I went to the Muddy Cup, their stuff wasn’t so good… to put it nicely. Well, today I had some time to kill on Madison, and it was freezing cold after all that rain, and I didn’t feel like going to the Dunkin Donuts on the corner, since that would be cold too. And I kind of had to pee.

So I figured the Muddy Cup would fit all my criteria. And it did. Their bathroom was nice and clean (it’s unisex too), so it’s a good place to run into, even if you weren’t going to buy coffee. Anywhomzle, I was rather chilled from the wind and freakishly cold weather. Seriously people, it’s the end of May. I shouldn’t have to turn the heat on in my car. WHERE IS MY SWEALTERING ALBANY HEAT???? Hell, I had heat stroke this time last year.

Okay, sorry… So I ended up waiting in line (which is good, since I have never known what I wanted and need atleast 5 minutes to decide on anything). However, Muddy Cup has a lot of flavor shots to choose from. And I mean a LOT. And then I saw it… that magical flavor that just doesn’t get screwed up – PRALINE. At that instant I had to have a Praline White Hot Chocolate. Hey, I never said my drinks were anything but frou frou. In fact, I won’t drink it unless it IS frou frou.

The girl didn’t hear me when I said the white part of my hot chocolate, but it was no biggie, she just made me another one right quick. And man, this white hot chocolate with a shot of praline was amazing, it wasn’t the cup of fat like the last time I was there. It was simply white hot chocolate and praline flavor. OMG, what a heavenly taste. I’m sure regular hot chocolate would have been fine, but I’m not really a chocolate fan. Never really have been. I wasn’t raised eating gourmet chocolates, or anything like that really. So if I taste something that’s supposed to be really high quality, I’ll admit it tastes good, but really I’m not going to go all ga ga for it like I do for sushi. It’s actually probably better I don’t really care for chocolate, since my sushi habit costs me enough a week. (Ahem, SASO’s is THE BEST) In summation, just don’t give me good chocolate. I don’t like Hershey’s, but I don’t really love Guittard or the like either, so it’s just kind of a waste. I kind of don’t mind milk chocolate, but that’s about it. It has to taste really creamy for me to somwhat enjoy it. What can I say, I’ll pretty much eat anything, but it doesn’t mean I’ll really love it. Heck, I even ate uni once, and man, I’m never going to do that one again. And then I found out it was sea urchin GONADS, not just sea urchin. I’m sorry I just don’t want to eat gonads, especially without knowing it.

Umm… but anyway, aside from that chocolate/sushi tangent, I’ve actually gone to a bunch of places I just have yet to post. The pictures are on Albany John’s computer, which isn’t connected to the internet right now, so I don’t have access to the pictures.

But coming up:

Andy’s Deli
Cake from Hong Kong Bakery
Sushi Lunch from Latham
Bangkok Thai Restaurant on Wolf Rd

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