Troy Night Out

Okay, is everyone else still recovering from Memorial Day weekend?

I’m going to start things off slowly with a post about Friday night. Just to keep things easy for you. For you. Not for me, or anything at all like that.
So I went around to the galleries, and as usual, Kismet had an awesome showing. A tasty, snack table with meaty and veggie offerings, as well as Brown’s beer, soda and wine (beverages were for purchase).

After Kismet, we’d headed over to Albaraki in the Antique District of Troy, NY (I still cannot believe there is now an ‘Antique District’ in Troy, btw) and I ordered the fries and garlic paste. I got ribbed about “Hey, I didn’t know we served that here now!” since it’s only on the menu at the Albany location. But they shouldn’t make it so addictive! It costs the same as the Albany locale – $3.50. Nummy. Nothing like fries for dinner! I kept trying to foist some of them off on my friends (and btw, I think it’s vegan friendly) because they are so good, and seriously, it’s a lot of garlic paste once you tuck into it. I ended up reeking of garlic all night, but it’s so worth it. I mowed on fresh parsley from the garden when I got home, though. Albaraki is really neat – they’re very accommodating and will let you know if things are gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.

And then – on to the official unofficial after party at Revolution hall. For $5 you got in, and got to hear a ton of bands. I was really looking forward to Charlie Everywhere, and they put on an excellent show. If you haven’t heard of them, definitely check them out. They’ve got a great sound and are just really nice people.

  1. jmp said:

    It’s a good thing my boy’s a garlic lover too, because Al-Baraki may have me hooked on their “garlic dip.” I might just have to start roasting garlic bulbs at home every few days…

  2. Grace said:

    fries with garlic paste. fries. with garlic paste. wow. i can only imagine how fabulous that must be.

  3. JMP – yea, if there was anyone that smelled some chick with garlic breath, it was probably me. Mr. Dave – Albany John just told me last night about how he really wanted it after looking at your blog!Grace – oh, seriously. Next time you’re in town I’ll split it with you (and slip you some parsely).

  4. Thanks Sebastien! Those photos look so clear.

  5. Kismet and Troy Farmer’s Market? Why have I not run into you before? 🙂 Glad to discover your site. (Hope you don’t mind, I linked to you on mine).take care. 🙂

  6. Awesome, new blog! Yo, seriously strayfarce, it’s not like I’m not completely obnoxiously spot-able at the markets and such.

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