Wedding + Wine-ing

On Saturday Albany John and I went down to my dad’s place in Orange County, NY to hang out before going to Long Island for a wedding.

I also got to hang out with one of my closest friends who still lives in the area. She came over for lunch and to help me get wine for our own wedding (which, man, is almost here!).

So once Albany John and I got in the ‘hood, we went to Shop Rite and picked up just about everything you’d need for a grill out. My father lives like a frat boy, in that his fridge is almost always empty and if you need to think about an ingredient, he probably doesn’t have it, and you just need to buy every component of what you think you’ll need. We got a sweet small sausage, some steaks, and a thing of boneless pork ribs. Plus fruit, bread, chips and all the other accoutrements of picnic food.

And I even saw freshly made mozzarella! That’s so freakin awesome! I would have gotten some, but there was no way we’d be able to eat a gigantic ball of it over the weekend, even though it was so soft and tempting.

Oh, and they had Utz’s paper thin potato chips and, ohidontknow… cooked lobster for $4.99 per pound!!! Oh, it was good.

After that, we bought gobs of wine for the wedding from Brotherhood winery. Thankfully we qualified for some kind of discount. It still doesn’t seem like a lot of wine (about 2 cases with the champagne), but hey, we’ll still have some liquor and beer, and most of our guests aren’t wine drinkers any way. And I bought my dad and girlfriend a couple of bottle of wine too.

Albany John was interested in a honey wine – Sheba Tej. It was $10.99 per bottle, and was pretty good. It wasn’t as sweet as the honey mead from Brotherhood, but made me feel like it would go well with Mediterranean food – it wasn’t too sweet and tart, but it wasn’t very bitter either… I don’t know. I wasn’t crazy about it, but it was something that would go well with food, as opposed to that honey mead, which I think goes well with a crazy straw and your lips.

We drank it with some tasty starfruit and left over lunch bbq for dinner. Man I love starfruit. It’s so good.

We also went to Roe’s Orchard, which always has some nice veggies. We picked up a zucchini and some carrots. And a really tasty cider donut. I think they’re even tastier than when I was a kid.

On Sunday we woke up early and headed out to Long Island for the wedding. We got to our ‘hotel’ early, and dear god. I think we got the murder themed suite. I’m sure it’s not all that bad, but man, I am glad we were only there for one night… I don’t know if I’ve ever felt dirty after taking a shower before.

But we were only there for one night. Before the wedding we decided to eat lunch and weren’t really interested in the chains along the highway. So we headed North on Route 112 (I think) until we made our way into Port Jefferson. We figured we’d hit some kind of seafood shack, and we so did.

The Steamroom. It’s a basically a big take out/eat in shack, only very nice. It was packed to the gills with people. It was an open air restaurant, meaning they had a deck, and the ‘walls’ to the place were all pushed aside like windows, so it was nice and breezy.

I ordered the garlic scampi cockles for $7.95 that came with bread and butter. They were really well cooked cockles. I wasn’t expecting so many of them, and the broth wasn’t very oily – more of a garlicy seafood broth, which was great, because I didn’t want anything greasy. The bread was doused in fake butter, and the butter to dip in was melted fake butter. I skipped it. But for $8 for a big tin of seafood – awesome. Albany John ordered the fried fish on a bun for $4.50. It wasn’t very greasy either. He just ate the fish, though.

The wedding was beautiful – lots of Polish and Italian traditions. The bride’s dress was so beautiful. Sparkly, poofy, and just perfect.

The reception was held at this gorgeous country club. We took a cab over since we knew we’d be drinking and I figured that since we were only 4 miles away, cabs would be fairly affordable.

Holy crap I was wrong. Long Island, how come your taxis don’t have meters? The first cab I called came and it was a Lincoln town car with leather seats. Nice, but not really what we needed, you know? We split it with another couple staying at the same hotel, and also on the way back. We spent about $35 –40 in taxis, and that was after splitting the bill… wow. Still, it was nice not to drive, but wow… still. Now I know for next time.

We got there a little early, and we decided to walk around the country club. There were a ton of fish in the pond by the golf course, and they came up to look at us. And then my camera died, so I have no more pictures for the rest of the night. Stinks, because you will have to deal with my rambling about how the food was, but probably a boon because there is no evidence, heh heh :p

When we first walked in, we grabbed our seat assignments, and noticed the platter of lox, creamed herring, crab claws and smoked fish by the door. There were bars set up on either side of the doors. And then there were the stations with made to order crepes, and chicken and shrimp on sticks. In another area there were platters of meat, cheese and antipasti; calamari, meatballs, and dips. There were also passed hors d’oeuvres. Needless to say, I pretty much stuffed myself silly, and this was all before dinner.
The bartenders were great. They had top shelf liquors, beer, wine, and champagne. I quaffed a few glasses of champers, and maybe a cosmopolitan or 20.

We went in for dinner, and wow – the main room blew me away. It was all so pretty and beautiful. And hey – it turns out one of Albany John’s friends had heard of my blog! That’s so crazy! I always get so giddy when I hear people read my blog, or have heard of it. I just kind of write it to remember things. So I gave him one of my dorky business cards.

Let’s see if I can remember dinner:

Mozzarella with prosciutto – This was mozzarella cheese with prosciutto slices rolled in. I ate about half of one roll/slice. It was good, but there was still more to come.

Wilted spinach salad with oyster mushrooms and bacon dressing – Guess what I found out? I really like oyster mushrooms.

Rose Sorbet Intermezzo (!) – I just about squealed when I saw this. It was pink sorbet with bits of lemon peel and some rose flavor. It was great. You know how rose as a flavoring can taste a bit soapy? Not this. Not at all. It was very refreshing, and I ate every bite. It was served in a dish that looked like a hibiscus. This really blew me out of the water.

Filet Mignon – This was the best filet mignon I have ever eaten. I know I exaggerate a lot, but really, I think this was the best. It came out rare and was very soft and beef-y. It was also topped with crispy, fried shallots. Mmm.
Desserts – I could barely breathe at this point, but I soldiered on. (Just for you guys) There was a chocolate cake, ice cream in a chocolate shell, and wedding cake. They were all good and very flavorful.

I really enjoyed being invited to Albany John’s friend’s wedding. They were so nice. I’d only met the groom once, and I’d never met the bride, but she was so warm and welcoming. I hope our wedding is as filled with as many happy people.

  1. EllieB said:

    With Brotherhood Wine and Champaign, I know I’ll be a happy camper. So will everyone else.I am SO envious of Brotherhood Wines though.

  2. Yay, I have the Ellieb vote of approval for the vino. If all goes well you’ll be searching for the bottle in your hand by the end of the night.

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