Guess It

Can you guess what this is? I’ve been eating it recently, and every time I do, Albany John goes “What the hell is that?”
So, what have I been eating lately?
(no prizes, although you get to lord bragging rights over Albany John [Albany John – sorry, them’s the rules])

***Drumroll please***

And the mystery food was: yogurt with jam and sprinkles

Everyone was so close! Good job!

  1. Chrystal said:

    SPRINKLES!!! Man I’ve been dying for some ice cream loaded with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate syrup. I gotta get that in before the summer is completely over.

  2. jmp said:

    I think it’s yogurt mixed with chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Like that kind the cool kids had in the school lunchroom while I had Stonyfield organics.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Tapioca with sprinkles and Hershey’s syrup?

  4. Anonymous said:

    cream of wheat with choc syrup and rainbow sprinles

  5. Grace said:

    my guess has to be frozen yogurt with sprinkles and chocolate sauce, but i’m rarely correct at these things. 🙂

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