Golden Choice

Sometimes being a jerk can be a good thing. Primarily when you are a jerk chicken lunch special.

Golden Choice on 228 Washington Ave has some lunch specials, and the one I got was the Jerk lunch for $6. There’s also fried chicken and stew goat for the same price; or curry chicken, stew beef (and one more dish that I can’t remember) for $5.50.

I was at a standstill between the stew beef or the jerk chicken and asked the nice man behind the counter. He said he ate both, and gave me a toothy smile, saying they’re both good, if you can handle the heat of the pepper (in the jerk).

I lied through my teeth and said I could handle the heat. You guys, especially those who have met me, can attest to my complete inability to handle spicy hot dishes. Entering a habanero eating contest is nowhere in my future. But everything at Golden Choice smells so good, so well rounded and delicious. I had to go for the jerk.

That’s why I love ‘em at Golden Choice though – so friendly and personable. And the food. Hee hee. How do I not go there more often?

You get a take out box with rice and beans on the bottom (aka peas and rice to some), then some veggies on one side, and that devilish chicken on the other side.

LOOK AT IT! Do you SEE how black those pieces of chicken are? HOLY CRAP! That’s seasoning you can see!

Warily, I dug in. It’s like going to grab that crazy dog in your neighborhood knowing you’re going to get bitten, you know? The heat is going to happen.

I think I may have eaten a bit of bone, but it doesn’t even matter because it MELTED IN MY MOUTH.

I was blinded by the sheer tastiness of the chicken for a whole 1 second before the heat came on and washed over my taste buds. But in that second, oh, I tasted a wash of flavor – no flat one spice seasoning here! No sirree! After the heat passes, you just get this warm, cozy feeling in your mouth.

I went for the veggies next. I really like these veggies – they’re simply cooked and still have a lot of crispiness to them. They help take the edge off of that jerk.

Sorry to yell. But it’s excellent rice. It’s soft, fluffy (as are the beans), and absorbs the juice from the jerk perfectly. I could just eat the rice and beans with jerk sauce all over them.

After continuing to eat the chicken, I began to build up a bit of a tolerance to the heat, meaning I could eat a bite every minute or so.

This dish is so comforting. If you’re having a bad day, or maybe just a crummy day, head over to Golden Choice. It’s like a bite of sunshine. Spicy sunshine!

  1. wow authentic beans and rice. sounds like a winner

  2. Grace said:

    wow. when i first saw that picture, i couldn’t figure out what the heck you’ve been eating. now that i know that it’s an amazing jerk spice, i want some for myself. 🙂

  3. jmp said:

    Oooh. I’ll have to try this place out. I always end up going to Roy’s on Henry Johnson for my jerk fix. I keep meaning to try that place on lower Madison too.

  4. phairhead – oh they are so good for soppins too!grace – I know, it looks like a pile of intimidating black stuff, but srsly, so good, so – do try it out. They’re also crazy quick.

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