Cheesecake Machismo

I wound up eating a slice of PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY cheesecake($5) for lunch. Oh, Lynn, you make the best cheesecake ever. It was perfect. A layer of peanutty goodness hid beneath the jelly. I couldn’t even finish it all.

And have ya heard? They’re moving location up the road to where Mezzo was. And Lynn’s even offering to honor half the value of mezzo gift certificates. She is awesome.

Do not resist the call of the cheesecakey goodness. Go forth to Cheesecake Machismo. Disregard the $300 you’ve spent in dental bills this month and bite into it.

Now I need another slice. Who wants to split one with me?

  1. no one can resist the siren call of the cheesecake. 10 years ago (on my 23rd birthday) my mother made me a margarita cheesecake. let me know if you would like the receipe. it was fantabulous!

  2. Grace said:

    i want to be the lucky person who dreams up new cheesecake flavors–peanut butter and jelly is a stroke of genius! dental shmental–i’ll just brush my teeth afterward. 🙂

  3. phairhead – YES YES YES YES YES. Margarita Cheesecakes must be made, although that probably means I will have to hold off on the margaritas until afterward.grace – Have you seen cheesecake machismo’s myspace page? It’s got a TON of different flavor possibilities.

  4. we make a Blackberry Margarita cake, and will have it next week!

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