Post wedding hike, tons more fooding

After the wedding, we headed out to dim sum with my Yeh-Yeh (Chinese grandfather), uncle, father, and Albany John’s Mom, Dad and Aunt, plus the majority of our bridal party.

Oh, right the wedding. It was awesome. We made the majority of the food ourselves, with help from some close friends to put it all out (and thank god for them – I am not a good decorator, and they are like elfin magic decorators and food put-er-out-ers). We had the cake delivered from the Hong Kong Bakery and it was amazing. Everyone loved it and most people went back for seconds and thirds. It’s a typical Chinese kind of cake – spongy, with fresh fruit inside and outside with light whipped cream icing. It was three layers – much more than needed, but hey, three’s a lucky number. Our flower girl couldn’t resist and took a fingerful out of the bottom. But hey, slap anyone in a frilly pink number, and I say they can do what they want. The cuteness overwhelms me.

(I’d have tons of pictures if I weren’t the bride… perhaps someone else in my family took food photos)The main meat was 2 kind of pulled pork and brisket from Capital Q. I’d pre-ordered insanely early, as is my neurotic want, and John (my awesome red-head) said I’d still get the old prices of $65 per full pan of pulled pork, instead of the $82 they are now charging. The brisket has remained unchanged at $135 per full pan. Again, everyone in our group loved, loved, loved the food. And my lord, the brisket was heavenly. Smoked to perfection. Excellent. And the pulled porks were also really good. One was spicy, the other a bit more mild. My mom even ate them and said how good they were! And my mom almost never veers off of the Brisket Mobile. But she also really liked the milder pulled pork. Sweet jesus, she is expanding her palette! Awesome!

We had a LOT of leftovers though. I mean tons. TONS. As in, we’re still eating pulled pork and brisket. I had to put some in the freezer, otherwise I may have slipped into a meat coma. I have no idea how much meat we bought, pound-wise, but it fed 50 people (5 or so who were veggie/vegan) and had gobs left over.

I really appreciate how others helped us out too, though:

My Mom made some potatoes – mashed and roasted. The mashed one went really quickly, and the roasted ones were also a hit. A lot of people who don’t normally like potatoes said they really, really liked them.

My dad’s girlfriend made meatballs. Like, 19 dozen meatballs. They were SO good. There were hardly any (if any at all) left at the end of the night. People were downing these like crack. I actually didn’t do much eating during the wedding (don’t worry, I had a gigantic, greasy breakfast. After Bomber’s and Susie’s we totally needed it. Well, those of us that woke up early at least.) and later in the night I ate one – WOAH GOOD.

And can I say? Our families rock? Around 7 pm, they started cleaning things up. (Early, but trust me, after things were cleaned, we still hung around) I’d planned on going back to the venue the next day to clean up, but our families insisted they do it and they we not lift a finger. I even tried and Albany John’s dad said “HEY! Put those plates down!” as I was trying to stack some of the rentals.

And then once it was just Albany John’s family and the bridal party left, we tucked into the shrimp. And, y’all… I may have had a shrimp overload. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this way, but I’m not sure I want to eat shrimp for at least a month. And lord, the cake… well, actually, all of the food. We totally over-cooked/ordered, but we’d much rather have more food than not enough, and not a whole lot went to waste. (Trust me – after the wedding, all I wanted was crunchy green veggies)

But right. Dim sum. Well, everyone really liked the Hong Kong Bakery’s cake, so we got there right as they opened… and kind of overwhelmed them. We could have gone to CCK/the old ocean palace, but for some reason we didn’t. The Hong Kong Bakery is normally a family dim-sum kind of place. Where 6 at most go order, not 15+ people. But we got our food within an hour or so. They also handled my sister’s vegan request well.

The next day, I asked my mom to lunch at Fuddrucker’s on Wolf Road, not wanting to leave her out of the post-wedding meals either. I think she may have been upset, but at the same time, her and my dad had an awful divorce and having them in the same room makes me wildly uncomfortable since they are both wildly uncomfortable.

I picked Fuddrucker’s because although I hadn’t been there before, I figured it would be a mom-pleaser. Burgers, chain resto-thingy, fries… you get the idea, it’s all stuff my mom likes, or at least I thought she would like.

Up top is a picture of my veggie burger. But it tasted like a greasy fish burger. I don’t think they have them on their menus. Their fries were seasoned sporadically, and not all that great. But, they do have $1 and $2 beers, which is pretty sweet.

My mom got a regular burger and fries and a cookie. I don’t think she was over the moon with it either. At first I was thinking, eh, it’s not bad, when I noticed the salad and condiment bar.

Cue bright lights.

Pickles, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, relish, ‘cheeze’, multiple hot sauces, condiments… I had a mustard, and miraculously, my fries tasted great.

I’d recommend Fuddrucker’s for cheap beers, and slatherable condiments.

  1. drool drool brisket. Fuddrucker’s good for only two things: the cheap beer as you mentioned and the well stocked condiment bar (oh wait! you already mentioned that one too!) For good chain-like burger joint check out 5 Guys. unfortunately they don’t service veggie burgers but pass it on to all the meat lovers in yr life

  2. Grace said:

    yes, one doesn’t often see a bride wielding a camera. 🙂sounds like your families are awesome and your food was great!meanwhile, as fate would have it, i’m travelling on business and trying to decide whether to have lunch at fuddrucker’s or chili’s. i do love the condiment bar at fuddrucker’s, and they make a mean turkey burger. dang, i still don’t know where to go. 🙂

  3. Phairhead – OH, if ONLY 5 guys had a condiment bar. Then I think it might be chain-burger mecca. Just maybe, though.Grace – oooohhh, I could go for a nice turkey burger. I think I’ll have to try a meatburger too at some point (oh these things I do for research!)

  4. ellie said:

    My parents swear by 5 guys and they tell me while no veggie burger, they have tofu pups. Vegetarians everwhere rejoice!

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