We went over to Bomber’s for our friend’s birthday.

I saw “Pumpkin Pie Martini” on the new specials board. Oh, baby. It was good. It was $9, but it’s well worth it. Mmmm. Pumpkin Pie drink.

If you try to make these at home, trust me, don’t cheap out and get ‘Hot Damn’. Pleh.

I was fairly famished by the time we got there, so I ordered some tequila wings. The birthday girl got her margarita and some kind of vegetarian/vegan fries, too. The drink came out, we cheered happy birthday, and then our food came out shortly afterwards.

We waited a few minutes for our waitress since we didn’t have any silverware, napkins or anything. We saw her and tried flagging her down. After a few more minutes, we got her attention and said “canwepleasehavesomenapkins?” and she rushed off, saying something about being short a hostess. The rushing would have been nice, except the birthday girl also needed some silverware, and some other people needed drinks… we waited some more and figured napkins were on their way, and after five more minutes, our waitress dropped them off, and seemingly hightailed it away while we tried to ask for something else. Someone else at the table ended up getting a fork for the birthday gal from the bar.

I tucked into the wings a little after asking for the napkins. The first one ok, but not very hot. The rest were doused with hot sauce and cold with rubbery skin. Ew. Not at all as good (hell, I’d say magical) as the tequila wings normally are. We tried to return them, but could NOT get our waitress’ attention at all. Every time we’d try to flag her down we’d fail. She came over maybe 3-4 times in the half hour we were there, but never to check on us or how our food was. Once she did come over, she’d listen to one or two people and then rush off, ignoring the rest of the table. At $7.99 for a dozen wings, having them come out cold and being virtually unable to return them/reheat them was just bad. At least the waitress wasn’t rude, she seemed really flustered by being busy (the place wasn’t really packed either – there were a few empty tables), but it would have been better for our group if we’d just sat at a table and ordered everything from the bar. The bartenders were wonderful.

Albany John and I had to leave midway through the festivities. If you go and it seems super busy, opt for drinks at the bar and order food downstairs after a drink or two. The waitresses have at least lost the “Bomber’s attitude” that used to be so prevalent. Besides, they have pumpkin pie drinks.

  1. Mr. Dave said:

    Hahah “Bomber’s Attitude” thats funny. I know what you are talking about though, trendy tattooed people who somehow believed that wrapping beans and rice in tortillas was some sort of counter culture experience worthy of immense respect. It is always funny what people will build their self image around.

  2. mr. dave – I know, but it’s really gotten a lot better. Actually, when I was there for the pre-wedding awesomeness that they gave, I talked with TJ, their manager and he was saying how he was really proactive in trying to re-train the staff to ditch any ‘tudes. Immensely awesome, eh?

  3. Anonymous said:

    i just went to bomber’s for lunch recently and the guys downstairs still had that famous ‘tude in abundance. went there for drinks too the other day and it’s still there with some of the servers, too. nice of tj to tell you it’s changed, but it hasn’t, really. it’s a shame ’cause i’ve always liked it there, but the staff is just “too cool for school”.also, lark tavern has the pumpkin martini, and they are really nice there! so are the patrons!

  4. ellie said:

    Yeah, I was kinda shocked at Bombers too that night. I had taken my parents there for lunch a few months ago, and they turned the music off for my parents. If you ever met them, you’d totally understand why. The waitress talked beer shop with my sister, who runs a discount beverage store. When I went with a celiac friend, the waitress was completely knowledgable and helpful with helping him select something to munch on. Heck, she even brought the bag of chips out for him! One night the frozen maragarita machine was broken and they comped me a margarita as apology. But my birthday? It was pretty pathetic the service. I considered saying something, but I decided against it. I’ll go there for lunch when I crave food and a drink. And never will I order food an hour before the kitchen closes… the time Smilez and I did that we got big ‘ttude.

  5. anon – The Lark Tavern was where I first became enamored with the pumpkin pie drink. Oh, Lark Tavern, <3, <3, <3. ellie – yea, I'm sorry it kind of bummed your night. But hey, now we know, eh?

  6. Anonymous said:

    death to the unnecessary apostrophes! I do not believe the place belongs to bomber. The same is true for Appletinis. I prefer the term grammar conservative rather than grammar nazi.AJ

  7. I went to Bomber’s Saturday night because I wanted a fun cool place to enjoy drinks and friends. Having only ever having take out wings, I was a little disappointed that the service was slow and filled with screaming State workers singing along badly to Pat Benetar. Boyfriend got the 40 in the champagne holder. Alas as it was not the day of my birthday I did not get the free margarita. It was more fun going across the street to Hollywood. How’s the food there?

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