All Over Albany posted some robotic goings on over at EMPAC over the weekend.
Albany John and I headed over since it seemed rather cool. It turned out it was also during Alumni weekend, so there was much hustling and bustling going on.
I’d been up at the wee hours of the morning, so by 1, I was in need of caffeination. I spotted someone behind a bar area with what looked like a coffee machine of some kind and headed over. Must. Caffeine. Drink. Soooooon.
Once there were only two people ahead, I figured I’d get my fix soon enough. The station I was at served only cappucinos, lattes and espressos, and it seemed like no one knew what any of them were, so they’d ask (no biggie, I’m all for asking), then they’d stand there and mull it over for what felt like an eternity. And then when their order was up (very quickly, yay barista!) they’d order another drink for a friend. >_<
Turns out it was all going on for free, which explained the semi-long line. My caffeine deprived brain slowly put that together as people were just walking off with their drinks, while thinking “Need in mouth now. Now!” I know, I am kind of a grumpykins when I’m running low on energy.

Albany John wandered off while I was waiting for my drink and saw a buffet set up. Kudos on the free snacks and beverages, RPI! Recession my big booty 😉

Gamelan Galak Tika & Ensemble Robot

Very sweet show, I have to say. I absolutely loved their costumes.
  1. Grace said:

    just a note–regardless of what time i’m up in the morning, i’m in severe need of caffeine well before 1… 🙂looks like a fun event!

  2. heh heh. Normally I’m not so dependent on caffeine, but man, that day I sure was!

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