Miss Albany Diner

Albany John and I were At The Warehouse one weekend, getting our fix for our Bees on Earth honey addiction, when we realized we were kind of hungry.

We drove right by Miss Albany Diner and figured we should check it out since we’d never been in.

Guess what? They have wifi!

We also had a big honkin’ steak at home waiting for us, so we ordered lightly. We also had about $14 on us, so we couldn’t order that much food either.

I got the one egg deal, which came with homefries and toast. I ordered mine poached. It was quite tasty, but the homefries were a little ‘meh’. They were soggy despite having some browning on some of the edges and bland. Not awful, but not something I’d order on its own either. But I’m a piggy, so some how they all got polished off. I think this cost $3.50.

Albany John got a coffee and crumpets. If the crumpets weren’t freshly made, then I want to know where they get them from. They were soft, squishy (much more so than the ones in the grocery store) and had a nice crunch on the top and bottom. And they were slathered in butter, which is really my favorite way to eat anything.

The total was around $7.25, and not bad for a morning snackie-breakfast.

Oh, and it’s street parking only. You could blink and miss Miss Albany Diner, but it’s worth a visit for the place itself. It’s an ooooold school diner (think bullet sized) with most of the original features still intact.

  1. Mr. Dave said:

    I always drive by that place and I have never been in there either. BTW, I am betting that area of Albany starts becoming “artsy” and popular, all those buildings will get cut up into lofts and whatnot. Its far enough off the beaten track to not attract the riff-raff and it has a certain post-industrial charm.

  2. jmp said:

    You have to go back and try the “real” breakfasts. We should totally have a brunch date with Ellie.

  3. k said:

    I was shocked that you have never visited Miss Albany prior to this post! I usually find new things from your blog 🙂Definitely go back and try the “real” breakfasts. My favorite breakfast is the MAD eggs. yum.

  4. mr.dave – have you seen the rest of Broadway?! hee heeI think I did hear talk of that area hoping to become trendy lofts, but we shall see if that ever does happen.jmp – oh yea! Set the time and date, and I’m there!k – I know! I hang my head in blogging shame! hee hee. Nah, there are so many places to try around here, trust me, I’m sure there are tons more!

  5. Grace said:

    i’ve heard good things about this place, but haven’t tried it myself. i’ve also never tried crumpets, but it’s a really fun word to say. 🙂

  6. K8 said:

    Miss Albany is totally worth a trip back with a bit more cash and a very empty tummy. It rules. I do agree on the meh-ness of the homefries the are a bit underwhelming.

  7. grace – oh, you are missing out. They have tons of holes for butter. Mmmmm. Butter.andrew b – yum yum!phairhead – At The Warehouse is at 8 Learned Street. They’ve got some cool local vendors inside and it’s also a salvage store.k8 – sweet. I’ll be back.

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