Happy Halloween And Diwali!

Happy Halloween!

Today I am following an Almost Foodies Indian Potluck with a Diwali potluck!

And better still – when I got some last minute groceries at the ‘ford last night, my total came to $6.66. I kid you not!

I’ve been so excited about my Indian/Diwali parties that I completely forgot tonight was Halloween! One of my favorite holidays!

So, let’s dish! What are you up to? What are you going to be?

I went to the DMV last night to change my name to Mrs. Doctor The Monarch. Oops, wait, I mean Mrs. Albany John.
I forgot they take your license with you! So right now I am probably not going to do terribly much since I bet most venues valuing their liquor licenses will not let someone in with a Xerox of their old ID and their new paper copy dressed up in a Barbarella costume.

Here’s a Halloween confession of years past:
I was Sacajawea (the Indian Princess) for about 3 or 4 years in Elementary School because my mother made my siblings and me costumes to be … The Three Little Indians. And since she put so much effort into the one costume, she made it big so that I could wear mine until I grew out of it. Three years in Elementary school is a long-ass time for a kid to wear the same costume.

Oh, okay. I’ll give you another one, but you’ve got to give me at least one cool story now:
Bobbing for apples is one of the quintessential Halloween activities, right? Well, Sacajawea also wasn’t allowed to do that because Poppa was all “Oh, girl, NO” about germ contamination. He was also strongly against those neon-colored ‘juices’ in the little plastic barrels with foil tops, and in the wax candies too. I’m not sure if you know this, but as a kid, neon anything is auto-crack.

  1. renée said:

    you got the good plate! i was one of the last ones to eat and ended up with a tiny plate piled high with delicious food. thanks for joining the fun!i like to break out my tiara on halloween because it’s the only day i can wear it without having to explain a thing.

  2. Sexy Beast was the PBR Pirate, a self made creation. I was his lusty wench. it was an inebrated good time

  3. Grace said:

    $6.66, eh? how ominous. 🙂and i’m with your pop–you’ve gotta watch out for those germ-happy apple-bobbers. 🙂

  4. renee – every plate was the good one! Oh, tiaras are so pretty 🙂phairhead – ooh, sounds like an intoxicating evening 🙂grace – especially when you see the snot pouring out of noses. Ewww

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