Bread & Jam

One lazy weekend morning I decided to check out Bread & Jam in Cohoes, NY. They have a little ad in the Metroland, which mentions live music. I like bread, so I thought a café with bread being half of their name was a good sign.

Cohoes, NY is a pretty small town (or village? Or Hamlet? Personally I think it looks like a wee hamlet. Very cute), but it has a lot of older buildings and signage, which I really liked.
They are located on 130 Remsen St, Cohoes, NY and are easy to find, as was parking. If you take 787 North, at your third light (112th St) take a left. Remsen St is pretty soon after that (maybe 3 streets?), then take a left, and soon you shall see Bread and Jam Café.

Albany John was in the car, ready and raring to go once I said ‘free wifi’. We walked in, and the music was loud, but not just loud for loudness sake. It filled the space nicely, I had to yell to give my order (but I am a pretty quiet talker to begin with), but it had a great jam band quality sound. If you had a hangover, this wouldn’t bother your headache and you could get that oh-so-necessary life blood that is coffee.

I ordered a Café Au Lait for $2.49 + tax for a small. I thought this was pretty big for a small, so I was quite happy with what I paid. It was quite tasty, especially with a pump of cane sugar.

Albany John and I both enjoyed the plentiful bookshelves – tons of books to read, and if you buy one it benefits the Cohoes Public Library.

The space itself it quite large and spacious. There is a retro feel to the décor (tables, chairs) and the couches are all quite comfy. You can seat yourself in a nook and be cozied away, or sit at a table against the window for people watching.
This is a coffee shop that feels like you are welcome to sit and lounge for hours on end. It certainly has enough space for it, and Bread and Jam’s staff is friendly and accommodating.

Bread and Jam Café also has an unlimited coffee, priced at $2.25. Not too shabby if you need to get some work done. Albany John has already used it a few times.

  1. Grace said:

    i love doing work in little cafes, but i often can’t because of all the racket. this sounds like a pretty reasonable spot, and free wifi is always alluring. 🙂

  2. That’s so cool. i try not to go to Cohoes ’cause I have a bunch of clients that live there. how was the bread? cheap coffee too? i have to take SexyBeast

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