Happy Turkey Day

Albany John, my best friend/sister and I hopped over to western Mass. to spend Thanksgiving with Mama and Papa Amherst, Albany John’s parents. Goodness, am I thankful for them. Papa Amherst put out quite a spread this year (you can see about half of it above).

The phyllo wrapped scallops were delicious. I had to excersice a lot of control to not scarf half of them before dinner. They were stuffed with fresh spinach, mushrooms, and tasted so fresh.

My sister/best friend (not really related, but we may as well be) was excited since we cook very nicely, but we really hyped up Papa Amherst, and he did not disappoint. He smoked and grilled a big honking turkey perfectly. Smokey, but still juicy and moist. We ate the leftovers they gave us in 2 days, still jonesing for more of that turkey. Yum!

Albany John and I made pumpkin pie for dessert. And this was an actual co-created dessert. I suck at baking crusts. I have no idea why. They turn out soggy and dense. His are an absolute delight – always light and crisp. So Albany John made the crust, and I mixed all the ingredients based on the instructions from the back of the can (it was libby’s 100% pumpkin puree, and wow did this come out well!). Well, I also grated in some fresh nutmeg, but that is a whole other post.

And BTW – my newly aquired Aunt Cali completely rocks for buying us that cake carrier from our wedding registry – it even came with that little cutting knife!

  1. Anonymous said:

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if you call him Papa John, instead?

  2. that pie looks delish. and you betcha i had a slice of my own on Gobble Gobble Day

  3. Grace said:

    the turkey looks picture-perfect, but i’d always choose pie over poultry. šŸ™‚

  4. Har har anon – I had to resist that one as well.phairhead – woo, pie! You’re better then!Grace – oh man – turkey pot pie!!

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