Tess’ Lark Tavern

Lark Tavern, oh how I love thee.

Tess has created a truly wonderful place for any and everyone. She is amazing with recognizing people, even me! I think she more knows me as Albany John’s partner, though than as a food lover. But who knows? Then again, I come off as more of a drink lover when I am at the Lark Tavern, hee hee.

But one Sunday morning we were meandering around Albany, with Sandwiches on the brain. That’s right – Sandwiches with a capital S. Sandwiches. It seemed like just about every place we intended on going to was closed on Sunday, and while driving up Lark Street, duh! Lark Tavern!

So we pulled into their lot, ordered some food and beers. Albany John ordered a sandwich special. It was a chicken breast with bacon, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, and cheddar. It was fantastic. The breast was moist and juicy (perhaps poached a bit?). Also, huge. While not normally a bacon-on-sandwiches fan… oh, this was amazing. The whole combo was just great. It also came with those wonderful fries too. Yummy, yum, yum!

I opted for the philly cheese steak, minus peppers. Do I really have to tell you that this was also great? Crusty and soft bread, tasty cheese steak flavor throughout – the meat was soft and easy to chew, not dry and chewy like other cheese steaks can be. I’m never a big fan of the macaroni salad, but then again, I am not really a macaroni salad fan.

Both sandwiches were $9.99, add in 2 random beers, and our total was about $27 with tax.

Best of all, it was a Sunday – not very crowded, and I actually spied another local blogger, but I got all nervous and didn’t say hi. Next time! Maybe.

The waitstaff are always unfailingly nice. If they forget something or take a while, they apologize right away. They’re also really receptive to talking when it’s kind of slow – not the ‘Yeah, unh hunh, me too’ kind, but they might break out in a little story of their own.

Definitely fun times to be had at the Lark Tavern. Affordable, tasty, and always a good time.

  1. OMG!!! Bacon covered chicken. i just showed it to SexyBeast and he was salivating. why no peppers on the cheese steak?

  2. phairhead – Oh, it was so freakin good, too. No peppers because I am anti-bell pepper. There’s just something about them that completely overpowers everything and ruins the taste of food for me. I can’t quite pin point it. There has been only one thing that I think had bell peppers in it, and I actually liked it: http://albanyeats.blogspot.com/2008/01/hawaas-takeout.html(they were even the most dreaded green variety)

  3. ellie said:

    Alas! I have never gotten good service at Lark Tavern, even when I was at the place with a friend of Tess herself! The waitress seemed to think subbing regular fries for sweet potato fries was an epic task and walked away during half our order. She also told one of my friends who was running late due to a car accident blocking Madison that next time we all needed to show up together so she could take our orders at once. And forget asking for a seperate tab if you have to leave in case of an emergency! I was there when one of my friends needed a trip to the ER and had to leave. She literally yelled at me for asking for my bill before everyone else. And I explained the situation!

  4. Grace said:

    cool staff, good food, reasonable prices? sounds like a winner to me. and now i’m craving cheesesteak for breakfast…not good. 🙂

  5. Anonymous said:

    I the bartenders are amazing, but the waitresses leave a lot to be desired. They were rude, got half of the orders wrong at our table, and took over 45 minutes to give us our bill afte clearing our plates.

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