Blurbies – Bread & Jam, Papa John’s, Envy

Just playing a bit of catch-up, y’all! Here’s some little things I’ve been up to.Coffee and hot cider at Bread and Jam Cafe in Cohoes, NY. Bottomless cup of joe on the left at $2.25, and a small hot cider at somewhere around $3. Cider was not really worth the price. Not awful, just not good enough for me to want to pay $3 for it again. Albany John really likes the bottomless cup of coffee.

I also wanted to put up some interior pics of the space. See? I told ya it’s really big inside.

Pizza from Papa John’s (New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY. Across from St. Peter’s). Just cheese. It was pretty good, it makes me think of good times when I lived in Texas. How do they get that crust so soft? Glad to see you still get the garlic dip and pepperoncini (even if I don’t eat them). It’s a nostalgia thing, you know?

The whole wheat bread sticks, though… dense as all hell and really dry. Also, the garlic ‘dip’ isn’t as good as I remember it from Texas. It’s more like garlic margarine. Pleh. Be unhealthy – get the regular ones, not the whole wheat ones. These deffo need tweaking.

Went to Envy lounge (Albany, NY) one night. Bartender had a bit of a ‘tude, and said there were no specials at all the night I went, even though there was a screen saver behind the bartender saying there should be a lot. I never get why staff aren’t nice, especially when it isn’t all that busy. Later on someone pried it out there would be specials later on in the night. Got a vodka and cranberry juice, $5 for a well drink in a small plastic cup. Plastic cup was a disappointment, as the space looks very beautiful, but plastic is something a college bar would do. The Lark Tavern gives out glass cups during happy hour, why can’t Envy give them out during prime hours? Well, at any rate, I am probably not Envy’s target customer, so no biggie.
Not a big fan of the Christmas Tree Shops in Colonie Center Mall. They seem to have a lot of ‘stuff’ just nothing particularly useful. I like the Massachusetts stores better. They also put in some retail stuff, like shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc… feels more like a Target than walking into Xmas Tree Shops and not knowing what (if anything) you’ll come out with.
AHHH! HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! What are you up to for them?
  1. jmp said:

    santa speedo sprint and give handmade craftstravaganza are Saturday. that’s when i need to get the bulk of my shopping done!

  2. jmp – sweet! I completely blanked on the speedo race this year. Can’t wait to watch it!

  3. EdXeno said:

    Envy’s drink menu is decidedly uninspired. I’m not surprised at all by your negative experience. Maybe I’m not their target customer either, although I’m always amused when their staff doesn’t understand why I’m not ‘envious’ of their lack of creativity or attention to detail. I’ll pay those prices when it’s worth it. Envy is not.

  4. ellie said:

    I can’t run in the santa speedo race this year!!! ARGH! Also, I miss Papa John’s. Some of the best memories of Binghamton involve PapaJohn’s. And drugs. But Papa John’s is important to the memories!

  5. cw said:

    Plastic cups? Yikes – maybe they ran out of money paying fines and cant afford glassware…And who is Envy’s target customer?

  6. jmp said:

    Speaking of cider: The Lark Tavern has hot mulled cider available with your choice of spike (whiskey, brandy or apple jack.) I bought mulling spices the other day on sale at Hannaford to try making mulled wine.Ellie – no eggnog belly this year? How sad!

  7. EdXeno – One of my favorite things to see about a bar is their ‘specials’ list. I have a horrible time making up my mind, and specials help a ton. ellie – Do I hear Latham Papa’s a-calling you?cw – I’m not quite sure either. It was pretty empty when we were – that is a personal fave of Albany John! You will love mulling wine – easy peasy and great results.

  8. seeing yr post reminded me once again i have to get my tushie out to Bread & Jam. love the title by the by, execpt i kept reading it as “burpies”

  9. Grace said:

    those breadsticks look extremely unimpressive. there’s probably not enough garlic dip in the world to save them. 🙂

  10. phairhead – I did too! whoopsie.grace – sadly, you were spot on.

  11. ellie said:

    I think we should venture to pizza goodness some night. Soonish.

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