One of my favorite blogs to read is Boots In The Oven. They are an awesome couple, and have great food trips, adventures and more. They made a gravlox recipe earlier this year that had me drooling. Cured, fishy goodness. I could control my impulses no longer, and finally got around to making this incredibly easy version of gravlox. Seriously. It’s really easy. Here’s the recipe for the cure:
Equal parts kosher salt and sugar.
Spices as you like ’em.
THAT’S IT. So easy. Not like my last mangled attempt at making gravlox. I’m also fairly sure that I didn’t use enough cure on the slice.
I went to the new Original Two Cousin’s that recently opened up in Latham (Newton Plaza). First off – awesome new store. No fishy smell in the building. It just looked like a nice fish fry that also happened to sell great quality fish. This was a Scottish Salmon, I think. Or maybe it was a Scottish Trout. It looked so incredibly fresh, though, and at $12.95/lb, I thought it was a pretty good deal. They weighed it with the box underneath it on, no taring, but when I weighed the box at home it barely made my kitchen scale tick. The fillet above cost $9 and change.
This isn’t the whole fillet, but the thinner portion. Albany John broiled up the thicker part under the oven. The skin stuck to the broiler pan, and I cried because that meant no delicious crispy fish skin. The skin of fattier fishes crisps up so nicely when exposed to high heat, absolutely cruncy, greasy and good.

I nicked off a piece of the salmon (or trout) when I was cutting the fish up and ate it raw. Can we say sushi quality? This fish was fresh enough to run game and land a few numbers. The cooked part was great – buttery, and it fed 3 people (stretched with a lot of rice and veggies).

So I let the salmon cure for 24 hours with some weights on it in the fridge, and out popped this baby. The left looks a bit redder/darker. That thicker end cured a bit more. I think it had more contact with the weights. There were some raw parts, but oh, baby it was like sushi. Next time I need heavier weights if I want to eat this in 24 hours.

I slathered a piece of bread with some of the gravlox (or gravtrout), smeared on some sour cream, and added a caper. Yum, yum, yum. If we’ve still got wiggle room in our budget at the end of the month, I am so making this again.

  1. jmp said:

    i need to try this.

  2. Sandor said:

    GRAVLOX!?!?!Now yer moving in on my territory, Mrs. Jane!🙂Now that you know how ridiculously easy it is to throw it together, you’ll never be without it.For tasty ha-ha’s, try varying the length of time you leave it curing.Separate one “good sized” filet into thirds and pack individually for curing:Have one after 24 hours, one after 4-5 days, and leave the third for around two weeks and enjoy the different color, texture, and flavor depths you get.

  3. Aw, thanks for the link! We’ve been traveling and I just saw your post. Woot for gravlox – so glad you made it and it worked and was delicious!

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