Christmas Cookies

Ho ho ho! I still have yet to finish any holiday shopping, but I did get in the first round of Christmas cookies! Round 2 will resume whenever I stop hacking up bits of my lungs.

Rugelach (I don’t use sour cream)

1 8 oz block cream cheese
2 sticks butter
2 ½ C Flour, sifted
2 T sugar
dash salt

Cream butter and cream cheese together, add sugar.
Scoop flour and salt on top, mix roughly with spoon and combine by hand.
Refrigerate 2 hours
Roll out and fill with your favorites. I used Strawberry Champagne jam; chocolate, honey and coconut, and chucked finely diced walnuts in the mix of some as well.

I prefer more traditionally shaped rugelach, so I roll the dough out in a big rectangle, spread out the filling, and then use a pizza cutter to slice thin strips. Roll up, pop into an oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, and you’re golden.

The Candy Cane Cookies recipe was from Good Things Catered. They tasted just as good or better than I remember making them as a kid. I don’t like them with crushed candy cane bits on top. It tastes a bit too much like you’re biting into teeth.

The rice krispy treats were from the back of the box. Not too hard, though – butter, marshmallows and rice krispies. Yum. Albany John and I hadn’t had rice krispies in years, so this was a nostalgic little treat for us.

Mmm, biscotti!

One of these is Pumpkin Walnut, which turned out a bit chewy but still tasted fabulously. Next time I will up the flour content a bit to balance it out as the dough was quite wet.
The White Chocolate biscotti were my favorite of the biscotti. I just used the majority of a bag of white chocolate chips, not a bar of chocolate.

The rugelach are always my utmost favorite cookies to give (and eat). The cream cheese dough is flaky and has just a hint of cream cheese tang that goes so well with jam and toasted walnuts (my favorite filling).

  1. Believe it or not I am hopeless when it comes to making Rice Crispie treats. It was like an episode of “I Love Lucy” and by the time I got to cut them into squares they hardened into a shapless lump : )

  2. Grace said:

    hacking up bits of lung, eh? yikes. meanwhile, i keep hoping to receive little baggies of cookies from my co-workers in return for all the baked goods i’ve supplied, but it ain’t happening. 🙂

  3. josie said:

    Hey. No write up on your eggnog judging stint?

  4. phairhead – Oh noes! I think maybe adding peanutbutter to the mallows might help, but then again, it was hard to resist peanutbuttering this batch.grace – I know, right? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!josie – aww, you are so sweet to ask. Nah, it was pretty short and sweet, and I will just say no to 2 kinds of eggnog. (I was the ‘pleh’er, hee hee)

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