El Loco

We went to El Loco one night. I went once before to meet up with new friends, but don’t remember much about the meal except for it being ok, but more the chatting with new people thing.

I ordered one of their margaritas (rocks, no salt, TYVM!) for $6.50. These puppies really will knock you on your booty! They taste good, and it took me the whole meal to get through the entire drink.

You can choose a side with your meal, and since I was just getting over a cold the black bean soup sounded perfect. I really enjoyed the black bean soup. It was thick, well flavored, and the beans were nice and soft. Albany John’s black bean soups are more soupy and less thick than this, so we are thinking that some of the black beans were pureed. Hello, immersion stick blender!

I ordered a combo of fried things – a chicken chimichanga and … I think it was a turkey flauta. It’s the fried thing on the left with pinched ends in a corn tortilla. The chimi was in a flour based tortilla. I liked it – simple, cheesy and chicken-y. The flauta was deeply spiced and tasted hot to me, which probably means you will taste some seasoning. Still, the seasonings were great. My only problem was with how tiny they were. The chimichanga was 4, maybe 5 inches long tops. The flauta was a little smaller than that. And the first inch to half-inch or so was just tortilla, so I think they are a little pricey considering the portions and small amount of filling. Aww, I miss ordering enchiladas for $5 and getting 3-4 of them, slathered with sauce and plated on a paper boat like in Texas.
I loved the black beans and rice in a mini corn tortilla bowl. Lord, I love anything miniature. Maybe it’s just me though, but I would have preferred a little more rice and beans. Like, maybe put the black beans or the rice in the mini bowl, and then put the other one on the side. Yum!

Albany John ordered an enchilada and taco (I forget the fillings, whoops!) combo and ordered a blue cornbread muffin as his side. They are really big, and also quite good. Fluffy, warm and very easy to eat! Good, but I always want more than one enchilada. If the order came with 2 enchiladas and a taco, I would go here more often.

El Loco is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well, and they’re right next to Lark Tavern on Madison Ave. They’re a good place to meet up for margaritas and eat appetizers, and for the love of goodness, make sure you get either the cornbread or the black bean soup. Trust me, you’ll need something to nosh on while you’re slinging back those margaritas!
Oh, btw – their flavored margaritas are also really good. I definitely remember that from my first visit there.
  1. Holy Crap! You reviewed SexyBeast and I’s fave Mexican joint. The blue corn muffin is so tasty. I got hammered there once on some sangria. The only draw back is if yr a party of more than 3. It can get a bit cramped in there.

  2. ellie said:

    I do love El Loco, but as a proud resident of Troy, I gotta say Jose Malone’s is my place of choice. Tons of food – so much I can’t finish. And you know I can pack it in. Like really really eat a lot. And its roomier.

  3. Mr. Dave said:

    Hmmm…not to be a negative Nancy here, I have a lot of friends who like El Loco too, but I have never been to much of a fan of the place. I find their food to be kind of bland and run of the mill. A location like that could really make a killing if they had some first rate Mexican cuisine, but I feel like they take the low road, a lot of cheap carbs and a deep fryer.

  4. Grace said:

    this is my kind of food. the black bean soup would be a perfect starter for the meal. i can put away more mexican food than any other type, and usually with no regrets. 🙂

  5. ben said:

    i’m with mr. dave here. el loco is pretty much the last place i head for mexican food in albany. that’s not saying there’s good mexican food in albany — so far, there isn’t. el mariachi was at one time more “authentic” than other places, but i’m sorry, their margaritas kinda suck and if you’re selling a mexican entree for more than $15, there’s something wrong with the world. that said, el loco, has, hands down, the best margarita in albany. i don’t know anything about “it takes me the whole meal to get through one drink,”….but i do know that they are ridiculously tasty, and if i go to EL, it’s for the fresh squeeze and not the processed cheese (or the deep fry). but that’s me.i will reserve a shout out for pancho’s. decent guac and a 34 oz. dos equis green. holla. or as they say in mexico, jolla, as in “la jolla,” which most of us would recognize as “the holler”. if you want spinach-mushroom californized versions of mexican food, EL is your place. give me some pico de gallo that burns me, some complimentary mexican pickles and some interesting enchiladas de mole, and i’ll be happy. it doesn’t seem that hard to do, but obviously, it is. that said, i’ve never been to jose malones or azteca….or bros tacos, which sounds like it’s in the right place, philosophically, but could use seating and a liquor license. that’s my rant.

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