Oliver’s Naturals

Albany John once went to Oliver’s Naturals in Troy, NY and told me about how awesome their food was. It was so awesome I didn’t even get any leftovers, and after recently eating there, I can see why. Dish and Dirt liked Oliver’s too.

When I walked in, I was greeted all friendly like and introduced to the people there. It’s a really nice atmosphere in there – very convivial. One was Adam, the owner and Oliver’s dad.

I ordered the tempeh reuben ($9.00 with either fries or a salad) and a hot tea ($2.50). The tempeh reuben was a little steep at $9, but you don’t need to tip (there’s a jar by the cash register) and you’re more than welcome to hang out all afternoon. There was one guy playing guitar and eventually almost everyone in the restaurant broke out into hums and impromptu singing.

The tempeh reuben was delicious – crunchy and buttery crust on the outside of the bread, and a solid, firm and tasty reuben on the inside. I was also curious about tempeh reubens since I was wondering how they’d compare to a regular reuben made with meat. Now, you won’t confuse the two any time soon, but the tempeh was slathered in Russian dressing, sauerkraut and cheese. I don’t really see how anything can go wrong with that delicious trinity. It was freaking phenomenal. Texturally, it doesn’t taste like deli/sliced meat, but the tempeh has a nice density and took well to reuben seasoning.
To sum it up for carnivores – it won’t be exactly like a meat reuben, but the sum of its parts makes it an excellent reuben all on its own. Once you take a bite of that crunchy, cheesy, slatherific sandwich there’s no denying how good it is. Vegetarians – you’ll probably flip your shit for this. I know I wanted another one after finishing this.

I got the salad, which was ok but sneaky bits of green bell peppers were hiding in there. I just picked around them. The organic tomatoes were really tasty, but I ordered the salad on a cold, cold, cold day and was trying to ‘balance’ out the healthfulness of the salad with the sandwich. Next time I’m going to try the fries. Cash only – so bring ya monies. Or walk to an ATM like I did. There are tons of them in downtown Troy.
  1. Grace said:

    i’m sorry, i couldn’t hear you–i was distracted by the gloriousness of the melted cheese. 🙂

  2. jmp said:

    Each time I’ve tried to go there, it’s been mysteriously closed due to rain or vacation or some other such event. I must keep trying!

  3. Nosher said:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad you blogged about this; Adam mentioned the tempeh reuben once but it hadn’t yet been available. I used to get one at the veggie place on Lark Street, now long gone. It is so good!!! I’m going to have to go to Oliver’s soon!Happy New Year 🙂

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