Last night I trekked over to Helmbold’s in Troy, NY. It’s kind of near Hudson Valley Community College, but not really. I can tell you that if you’re there during peak times, driving can be a pain in the booty, though. It is easy enough to find, though.

Helmbold’s is a butcher shop with a few deli condiments as well. They had non-Smithfield pork and had no problem at all telling me where they sourced their meats. I initially went in for one thing, and then came out with three things. But three tasty thing.

Above is what Albany John made out of the weisswurst ($4.99 for a 1 lb package, 4 to a package) – weisswurst with spinach and white beans. It was so tasty. He browned the sausages whole and then cut them up and tossed them in with the fresh spinach and beans. I have no clue what other sort of magic he worked, only that it all tasted great. The weisswurst was so tender, and the natural casing on the sausage gave it a great snap.

Helmbold’s is definitely worth a trip out – that’s why I went. I had never been and wanted to see what they had. Good prices, good looking meat, and great tasting weisswurst.

And because I’m an addict, we also made french fries out of potato in the deep fryer. Yum!

  1. Peter said:

    Hopefully you were able to try out < HREF="http://www.troyporkstore.com/" REL="nofollow">the Troy Pork Store<> before it went and < HREF="http://blogs.timesunion.com/business/?p=4486" REL="nofollow">closed it’s doors in August<>… great stuff, they will be sadly missed by many.another great recommendation is < HREF="http://www.yelp.com/biz/rolfs-pork-store-albany" REL="nofollow">Rolf’s Pork store<> in Albany – very good butcher shop with lots of wonderful eats!

  2. *zombie phairhead* must go and eat sausages. groan groan

  3. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for jogging great memories of my youth. Helmbold’s was longtime landmark in downtown Troy before moving to their current location. I remember my dad taking me there every Saturday morning. They would always give free samples (hot dogs) to kids. There was sawdust on the floor, and what a great aroma. It was always very busy, and they knew all of the customers by name. And that little booth where you paid. Don’t they still have it?

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