There is not much I love as much as popcorn. The Spectrum’s popcorn ranks highly – real, melted delicious butter on hot fresh popcorn. The more butter, the better! I’ve been straying a bit from my usual popcorn regime lately, and the results have been fabulous.
My typical popcorn order is either olive oil and kosher salt (and maybe parmesan) or butter and salt. Walnut oil has become a new favorite – it gives a subtle but surprisingly rich buttery flavor in each kernel. This picture is of popcorn popped in walnut oil, with a bit of melted butter (look, it’s hard to do less than 2 T of butter for popcorn. I’m kind of addicted) and gobs of paprika. It’s stain-yer-fingers good and the paprika just makes everything taste even more buttery. Yum!
My least favorite popcorn topping of all time has to be Old Bay. That is just WRONG. But then again Old Bay is also my least favorite flavoring. Pleh. What’s your favorite? Or most hated?
  1. jmp said:

    I like either a little butter and a sprinkling of adobo, or else a little vegan “butter” and some nutritional yeast. My favorite pairing is popcorn and red wine.

  2. I have a popcorn addiction. I eat popcorn everyday. Orville Reddenbacher has “natural” popcorn w/ some good flavours sea salt & pepper, garlic. Good stuff indeed. Spectrum is mighty fine, as is Bowtie Cinema in Sch'dy. SexyBeast did me a favour and bought me popcorn to keep at his place. Movie Theatre Butter!!! SexyBeast is a keeper. You should try Bacon Salt on fresh popcorn too. yum

  3. ellie said:

    PunkRock Kitchen makes the best popcorn, from kernels! And then adds vegan butter and nutritional yeast. Smilez and I beg for it when we watch Hunter S Thompson movies or Weeds with him. For when not near a man who can cook, I like the kettle corn 100 calorie packs with a good heffy! Or a winter beer. Or Sam Adams Cranberry lambic. Oh so good… (Damn, it’s almost midnight and I’m gonna cook because I’m hungry thinking of popcorn and beer.)

  4. jmp said:

    Ellie, we’re even alike in our popcorn tastes. Vegan butter and nutritional yeast is one of my favorite combos for popcorn too.

  5. Zenzele said:

    I add butter, nutritional yeast, and soy sauce. My favorite of all time, but I’ll have to try your paprika topping.

  6. jmp – you two are alike! I tried nutritional yeast once and was not a big fan of it. Maybe paired with butter though… what goes badly with butter?phairhead – Orville Reddenbacher is my FAVORITE of all the boxed popcorn brands. So buttery, so good. And what a good beast!ellie – Haha, I think I am the only one in Albany John’s family who will go near the cranberry lambic. But it’s good!zenzele – all at once? Hmm, this sounds like it could be good! Thanks!

  7. Peonys said:

    My fav popcorn toppings are Braggs and Nutritional Yeast. It’s good: really!

  8. lfox18 said:

    I think the secret to great popcorn is to skip that boxed junk or microwaved stuff at the grocery store. Go to a food co-op or an organic section and buy loose yellow popping corn.In a heavy pot with a lid, put 2 tbsp of canola or vegetable oil and a tablespoon of real butter (not margarine). Heat it up and add 1/2 cup of the corn. Pop it up and add some salt. Simply perfect! No toppings, no funky “popcorn salts”. Unadulterated corn, oil and butter!

  9. Anonymous said:

    If you love popcorn and your health it would be wise to never eat microwave popcorn. Make it yourself and find the right mixture to make your own perfect popcorn. Peace.

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