French Onion Soup and Crabs

If you wear contacts like me, don’t take them off after slicing several onions thinly. You will cry all night, and it won’t be pretty. But other than that, making French Onion Soup is pretty easy.
FOS Recipe:
Slice a bunch of white/yellow/sweet onions, depending on your preference.
Caramelize them on a low stove top for around 2 hours (it’s not that demanding – just come back every 8-10 minutes and stir it around a bit).
Chuck in some seasonings (I used a bit of oregano and marjoram)
Cover with beef stock/broth.
Note: if you are spending the time to make French Onion Soup from scratch, make the broth too. Or at the very least, don’t buy canned beef broth from the Supermarket. GAG. It tasted so tinny I was kicking myself over being so lazy. I doctored it up with a bit of Worcestershire sauce and a healthy splash of soy sauce, and it really took the metallic taste out of the broth and improved it loads. But still not great. I also suspect that boxed beef broth would be much better, but I will have to ask Albany John’s father, since he always knows that kind of stuff.
We also ate crab with it since I was at the Asian Food Market on Colvin Ave in Albany, NY and I noticed their lobster prices skyrocketed back up to $10.99/lb after being a delectably affordable $5.99/lb. And they were chock-a-block full of lobbies! Ah well. But the blue crabs were $2.99/lb and I’ve never tried making those before, so I chucked two in a bag and just boiled them for 5-6 min at home. Really pick them over, though, because it seemed like most of the crabs in the bin were dead or in a ‘please buy me and put me out of my misery’ state. We’re talking missing limbs. They were practically wheezing ‘kill me… kill meeee’. But I didn’t. I found the liveliest crabs I could. Two.
These two were so sweet and succulent! We dipped them in melted butter (like the slabs of munster cheese in the french onion soup wasn’t enough, hee hee) and picked at them like … well, like me. Trust me, it’s a sight. Not necessarily one to behold, but it’s a sight alright. They were a lot of work, but I can now see why “crab people” (not these crab people) love the little buggers so much. It’s a lot of work and not a lot of reward (compared to lobster), but the sweet, tender meat is just delicious.
Also, wash anything that came into contact with the crabs right after you’re done eating. Don’t just rinse your dishes off. If you wait until the next day to do it… you’ll have to wash the crabby stink out of your plates a good 3-4 times. Trust me, it was NOT something I want to do, ever again.
  1. jmp said:

    When I was in Baltimore, I made a point of going to one of those places where they give you a hammer and a bucket of crabs. It was awesome.

  2. jmp – I think I would have to, too. Sounds yummy, messy and fun!

  3. ellie said:

    When I was an omnivore, I loved softshell crab.

  4. phairhead – ever been to Joe’s Crab shack? Their slogan is basically the same. lolellie – when did you become non-pesc?

  5. ellie said:

    I’ve been trying to limit my fish intake for awhile. Right now the last time I had fish was Christmas, because it was a special occasion. The last time before that was the time you made sushi. 🙂So I’m pesc, but trying hard not to be.

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