Fancy Spinach and Onions

“I don’t know what to call this dish without it sounding all fancy. I guess it is fancy spinach and onions.”

And with that, Fancy Spinach and Onions was born. Albany John ‘whipped’ something up. When I whip something up, it’s usually the froth to my nightly cocktails. For him, it’s letting himself loose in the kitchen and making the above on the fly. *sigh* The man oozes creativity.

What’s in it? First, Albany John roasted some almonds in ghee (droooool) with a magical melange of spices. Once those were roasting, he slowly cooked some onions until they were becoming translucent. Then I think he blanched some spinach and combined them all together. But really, he’s right. It’s a mouthful of fancy.

(Albany John will also hopefully be back to taking some occasional photos. These ones I take hurt the eyes!)

  1. ellie said:

    OMG, this sounds so amazing and I to eat your photo. I am making corn fritters with all the corn you gave me. I put one can in spaghetti sauce with some zucchini last night and it was really good.

  2. Grace said:

    seems like an appropriate name, and you’ve gotta love the ghee. you should bottle up that creativity and sell it. 🙂

  3. Mr. Dave said:

    Hey Albany Jane-Now I don’t want to seem snarky, and I have no idea what kind of politics you are into, but I noticed the link to- ALBANY NY RESTAURANT REVIEWSin you sidebar. As a Guilderland resident (life long Democrat) I just wanted you to know that the guy who writes that site is an enormous slimeball, dirty pool, piece o’ dirt politician of the lowest order. He has made a mockery of our town board and is generally just an ass. Not sure if you knew. Sorry to mix food an politics, but some people just make me angry.

  4. ellie – we made zucchini fritters! Sweet!phairhead – thank yee!grace – oh, if only it could be contained 😉Mr. Dave – oh, politics are definitely not my game, heh heh. I like all the local food thingss, and I like to keep them up. Of course, motivation to put them up is the hardest thing, lol.

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