Polenta Fries

You might or might not remember that Albany John and I went to Boston for our honeymoon. (Unless you’re a huge dork, you probably shouldn’t remember the minutia of some face-less internet whozawhatsy. )
One of the lasting memories for me was of the truffled polenta logs at the Savant Project.

Now that I’ve got a deep fryer, it was time to try this one out again. And I bought truffle oil from The Epicurean, so I could make them… TRUFFLED POLENTA LOGS! Woo Hoo!

I made microwave hard polenta, and when it was finished, I stirred in some truffle oil, salt and pepper and put it in a buttered metal tin to cool off. BTW – this truffle oil tastes really good. I know there’s stuff out there that says truffle oil type things can be imitation, etc, but the label doesn’t mention any ‘natural flavorings’. I hope it’s the real stuff, since it’s so freaking good – better than the other imitation ones I’ve gotten with ‘flavorings’ as an ingredient. And it comes in a handy spray bottle (and actually sprays! omg! no clogs!) so I can add just a wee bit of truffle flavor to everything. (It is good with popcorn, too)

Ok, so we’ve patiently waited for the brick o’polenta to cool off, and thank goodness, it finally has. So hack it up into log shapes. I spread my polenta out in one layer (about an inch to an inch and a half thick), so all I would have to do was slice it a few times.

And then the polenta goes for a hot oil ride at 350F. 375 F was just a bit too hot and made everything crunchy, inside and out. 325F and 350 F produced brown outsides with creamy insides.

And TA DA! Here are those beautiful logs. Just a hint of truffle flavor. Next time I’ll up it more. I think I only used around a teaspoon or two for about 3-4 cups of polenta. It was enough so you’d go “Hmm, what is this… is it? OH IT’S TRUFFLE!” but also enough that you could miss it. Albany John isn’t a truffle fan and likes them sans truffle oil, but thought these were ok. Still, after a good number of them, he was dunking them in ketchup. And by ‘a good number’ I mean, like 6.

These polenta logs are fairly dense, and I think they’d also be a great party food. They stayed crisp for quite a long time, and were even good cold. (Does the crunchy-creamy texture ever taste bad?)
  1. I rememeber you went to Boston for yr honeymoon. but then again i’m a big dork : )

  2. ellie said:

    I remember you went to Boston. I also remember your wedding. I also remember polenta and wine and a big snow storm!

  3. Grace said:

    when it comes down to it, i may not even rememeber where i go for my honeymoon. i only remember important things, like where to get awesome food dishes like these polenta fries. 🙂

  4. Glenna said:

    Jane, you’re killin’ me today. You’re really motivating me to cook yummy things, which is good because I haven’t been motivated much lately. LOVE polenta in any form. We grew up calling it cornmeal mush and mom would fry it similarly to this and we’d dip it in ramekins of maple syrup for breakfast. Sigh. Good food. Good times.

  5. YAY for all the POLENTA love!Ellie – I would believe you remember more of other things than the wedding 😉Glenna – the maple syrup sounds like the next level to take these fries to!

  6. Mr. Dave said:

    I always tell my cats that if they misbehave I will send them off to Perigord to sniff for truffles under the watchful eye of some ornery Frenchman. I think they suspect that only pigs and dogs can sniff truffles so they don’t get too worried.

  7. joy said:

    These truffle fries sound fantastic. Do you have any favorite sauce ideas? I would love to know what you have tried. I see all kinds of dipping sauces on the internet! Gorgonzola, aioli's, garlic sauces…. Please visit our site as well, Twicebakedtwins.com and come and blog with us!!

    Judy & Joy

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