Sugar Cookies!

I got bitten by the baking bug something fierce this weekend! The first thing I made was Sugar Cookies from a Cook’s Illustrated combo book with an entire book on desserts! Sweet.

For the life of me, I can’t remember the recipe off the top of my head, and I’ll probably not remember to go look it up when I get the chance. But it was something like 2 sticks + 3 T of butter in the recipe.

I browned a few of the tops, but I had fun with the sugar cookie dough; cutting out shapes and baking them. And then icing them! Woo hoo! I used the sprinkles Papa Amherst gave me for Christmas on the simple icing (not that great, but worked in a pinch: powdered sugar with a bit of water/milk).

Normally I’m kind of ‘meh’ with sugar cookies because they don’t have a lot of flavor to them, but I used some of Penzey’s double strength vanilla extract and their fresh nutmeg, and woah baby, they really upped the flavor and tasty-factor of these cookies. This vanilla has turned me into a vanilla-enjoyer.

And I made some jam filled cookies because how could you not like them? (No, really. How?) And then I ran out of jam, so I used this blueberry syrup we had in the fridge. It wasn’t thick enough, but it reduced a bit (and spilled, thankgoodnessforparchmentpaper) and made a cookie that wasn’t too sweet.

Mwah, guys! I hope your weekend was lovely, or at least involved some form of cookie.

  1. Cook’s Illustrated is the best. hmmmmm jam cookies……

  2. Grace said:

    niiiiice touch with the blueberry syrup. very nice indeed.

  3. Glenna said:

    Yes! I’m the same way about sugar cookies but I also love them with a little more oomph. I use Neilson/Massey vanilla and cardamom. It only takes just an extra little something to make them fabulous, huh?Love CI too!

  4. phairhead – SO good in any form. And I consider these healthier since I usually use shortbread batter. hee hee.Grace – another blueberry fan, wheee!Glenna – Lord, woman – you are stupendous in the kitchen!

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