Miracle Fruit and Brunch

I like meeting new people, especially people that are effervescent. I got to meet lots of friendly people at a Flavor Tripping party over the weekend. A flavor tripping party is where you eat miracle fruit / berries in some form (either fresh or freeze dried) and then eat lots of acidic things. I first read about them on the New York Times, and even ordered my own little plant.
My wee plant has all of three leaves, so I haven’t really anticipated a haul of berries any time soon. I was very excited to be able to try them for the first time! And there were many others equally excited – I really like meeting other people who are into new experiences, and openly excited for it. It felt like everyone was just bubbling with anticipation. The person hosting it was also super-friendly and just an awesome host over all.

Our awesome host had ordered freeze-dried tabs of miracle berries and omg – they are awesome! They’re cheaper and last longer than fresh fruit, which only have a short life once picked. For everyone who doesn’t know, they alter how your tongue picks up flavors so everything acidic takes on a sweet taste. New flavors? Sign me up!

Everyone brought something to try out – I brought sour pickled long beans and hot preserved radishes. The radishes tasted pretty nasty. The long beans tasted just like pickled green beans, and tasted like sweet pickles after the fruit.

So how was the flavor trip? I LOVE MIRACLE FRUIT. Lemons were one of my favorite things – they really did taste like lemonade. Horseradish lost its kick and was fairly creamy. Sour dill pickles just tasted like sweet pickles. Fresh tomatoes from the grocery store tasted like they were plucked out of a warm summer garden. I also think I love crappy beer – it made bud and lime taste like… sweet nectar. Ditto with The Beast (I mean, Milwaukee’s Best). Nectar, I tell ya – and this is stuff I’ll normally try avoid being in the room with if it’s open. Apple cider vinegar also tasted like sparkling apple cider. As you can see there was more to try, but these are just what is jumping out of my ever-shrinking brain.

The effects wore off within an hour or so, but it was so fun! I can’t wait to try this again. I took a picture of what it looked like in my mouth, but really, you don’t want to see it. Albany John wouldn’t open his mouth, so sorry – no action shots. But really, just imagine a purple Altoid dissolving on someone’s tongue.

After an always awesome night at Goodship’s Valentine’s Prom at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY I got to go to an Almost Foodies brunch. Yum! I love the Almost Foodies pot lucks. Always so tasty. And a good way to help cure the hangover, or at least get a start on it.

Renee made these awesome sweet potato doughnuts with apple stuffing at the top – they were so squishy and pillowy – I loved the texture (and we got there early enough that we got first dibs on picking at the ones that wouldn’t come out of the pan. I love picking)
On the left is a wonderful egg soufle (??? I am sure it was called something else) dish (maybe it was strata?!) with sausage and broccoli. I went for seconds – so yummy!

The other two are mine – a blueberry type dish (I can’t remember what Cook’s Illustrated called it) and a vanilla cheesecake (I made that the night before so it would cool. Also a good plan since I wasn’t terribly functional in the AM, hee hee)

Bagels and lox! With nummy cream cheeses. Fresh from Brugger’s, by Life of My Mouth, which has to be one of my favorite places to get a bagel in the area.

Rice puddin’ and eggs. Total yum-fest going on. As always, an awesomely delicious time!

Sunday we ate one of the ribeye steaks in our freezer from the cow I bought into and golly, it was also good. We aren’t really Valentine’s Day type people, but if it helps, we ate it bloody and rare.

  1. Slacker said:

    Rhubarb is my personal favorite to try under the influence of miracle berries.

  2. JMP said:

    I ate way too much of the smoked salmon I brought. It was just soo good.

  3. renee said:

    you guys are freaking awesome. i’m so glad you enjoy potlucking together! your cheesecake was divine! and i’m not even a cheesecake eater. those blueberries? yum!how do you get the photos off your camera so quick? mine will probably be uploaded next week. hope i got some good shots!thanks for coming over and bringing the rad!

  4. Miracle berries are SO much fun! We did a flavor-tripping party a few months ago but never blogged it – your dedication is awesome. I think my favorite thing (besides lemons) was Guinness. Like a delicious, chocolaty milkshake.And those sweet potato/apple doughnuts look fab.

  5. ellie said:

    You forgot to mention my lack of cooking saved you all from tummy sickness later in the day! In all seriousness, AF brunches are my new favorite things! EVER.

  6. Slacker – oh, I bet that would have been good! Next time!JMP – I don’t think there is such as thing as ‘too much smoked salmon’. It’s just an impossibility.renee – I am blessed with a usb thingy on my memory card, so all I have to do is pop out the card and stick it in the computer. If I did anything else it would take FOREVER.Bootsie – Oooh, naughty, naughty! I’ll have to add Irish Nectar to the list now!phairhead – tee hee!ellie – you can’t get sick from vegetarian food. Unless you’ve got some secret vat of salmonella you’re bathing in and not telling me about, missy!

  7. Zenzele said:

    I can’t wait to host my own flavor-tripping party! It’s great to know so many friends who can cook.On a side note, call me a NY Snob if you want, but I absolutely hate bagels in this area, and Brueggers is the worst!

  8. Anonymous said:

    Please, you must tell us where we can get some miracle fruit (either the plant or the dried berries). I’m dying to try this myself.

  9. zenzele – do you have a least hated bagel? Mmmm, least detested (in homer simpson voice)anon – if you use The Google, lol, you can find freeze dried ones online for fairly decent prices. Go with one of the first links, they’re fairly reliable, I hear.

  10. Zenzele said:

    My least hated bagel? Probably poppy seed, but I haven’t been to Bruegger’s in a long while. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to check it out, but I refuse to eat any pizza until my next visit back home!

  11. ChadM said:

    Where can I buy miracle fruit tablets in the Albany or Saratoga area? My grandmother just had surgery and nothing tastes good. We need to find a way to get her to eat and these might be the perfect solution!

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