Could It Be … SEITAN!?

No one? Really?
Ok, in the last post, I meant Cake the music group, not the food. I know, I know. But they’re like one of five music groups whose name I actually know and would make a funny but played out reference to… anyone? Anyone?


Ahem – see here.

Seitan has been an interesting food for me because I’m fairly sure I’ve eaten it at some point, I’m just not sure exactly in what form or when. I’ve seen seitan chicken at the co-op, but at $4+ per pound, eeehhhh… not so much.

I read a book that gave a recipe for making seitan at home by washing the bran out of flour (basically, make a dough and keep rinsing it with water until only the gluten is left). Now, I’m down with anything involving flour, so this lengthy process seemed fine with me.
But then when I was searching around the intarwebs I noticed a lot of recipes using just gluten. Hmm. I’m fine with a cheat recipe. And I’ve got gluten (side note: The flour revolution as begun! There are a bunch of flours in my cabinet, and Albany John has slapped on his revolutionary cap and demanded these lesser used grains be consumed (although he bought at least 2 of the bags of rice flour[ahem])). I get my gluten at the co-op. It’s $2.99/lb when it’s not on sale.

Seitan is so flipping easy! I’ll stick a recipe at the end of the post. And it’s quite tasty, too! This version is pretty soft. I would liken it to the generic chicken sensation you get when you get cheap chinese food. You know, where you know you ordered some kind of americanized dish where the chicken is breaded and fried and dredged with sauce and texturally, it feels like SOMETHING besides breading, but not a whole lot else? That’s basically this. It also makes me really want to try it as sweet and sour seitan.

Ellsbells came over for dinner on Mardi Gras and made us some suppah. Ok, well I made some veggies. It’s an easy to make green – slice, rinse, put diced garlic in a pan with some oil, then toss in cabbage. Ta da. I know that some kind of Chinese cabbage doesn’t really scream “laissez les bon temps rouler”, so let’s just move on.

Look – purple! See, we’re festive! Here’s some naked whole wheat raviolis. They were quite yummy and not tough like a lot of whole wheat pastas can be.

Ellsbells then made some chili type topping/side for the pastas.

Ok, here’s where I let the good times roll. Or maybe just walk around a bit. I deep fried some squid tentacles (my favorite part of the squid) and seitan. Yummy! I changed the oil in the deep fryer and cleaned it out, and OMG – really, it’s something you should do butt naked, because everything you come in contact with has a 90% chance of becoming covered in grease.

Oh, hey! Here’s that Seitan Recipe I fiddled around with:

1.5 C vital wheat gluten
1 T paprika
1 t garlic powder
1 t marjoram
1 t cumin
½-1/4 t oregano
¼ t onion powder
1.5 C water
¼ C soy sauce

Boil in:
7 C water
2-3 pieces kombu (dried seaweed)
¼-1/3 C soy sauce
sprinkle of onion powder

Mix all dry ingredients together for dough. Add liquid and mix well. Knead around for a few minutes to develop the gluten strands. (Is actually fun and relaxing. Like adult Gak)

Let dough rest for 15 minutes.
During that time, bring water to boil. Once at a boil, add remaining ingredients to boiling liquid.
Pinch off pieces of seitan dough and plop them in water (you can also leave it whole and use it as a loaf/roast). I think you can shape it however you’d like at this stage. At the local co-op they look more like flat triangles.
Once water comes back up to a boil, reduce it to a simmer and cover.
Cook 45 minutes. Turn off heat and let seitan cool in the pot.
Also – This is totally not something to feed your gluten-free friends.

  1. happy veggie mardi gras! you put the phat in Fat Tuesday Albany Jane

  2. Nice!!ok, this is going to sound super stalkerish because I always read your blog but never comment, but I just gave you an award. *shrug*

  3. Grace said:

    this is a new one on me! before now, the only thing i knew about seitan was that some people cruelly referred to it as “satan.” 🙂

  4. alissa said:

    I liked your pun, no video watching required to get it. 🙂

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