Grace’s Mamster’s Pound Cake

Albany John’s grandmother recently passed away. I’m not the best person to turn to during a time of crisis. I try, I really do, but I feel like I always end up saying the wrong thing. My mom also recently had some nerve wracking news and when I called her, I ended up making her cry just by calling. I’ve married a wonderful man who loves me in spite of this. Albany John always maintains a calm demeanor. He is the utter calm during a storm.

I’d only met Grandma a few times, but she was an absolutely lovely person to be around. She was quite the baker – such a wonderful baker. She lived with Albany John’s aunt, and so I decided to send them all a pound cake. Sometimes I think you don’t want to hear people saying “I’m so sorry” all the time because it could make you think about it even more and make you sadder, when everything is happening all at once in a big swirl. Sometimes I think sending food it also important.

I used Grace’s Mamster’s Pound Cake recipe and shipped an 8″ x something” loaf pan of butterscotch schnapps soaked cake to his Aunt and family. This made 3 cakes, so when my brother and sister in law came over, we cracked into the honey soaked pound cake (I could only fit one cake in the box I shipped, it turned out, after packing it). It soaked up the honey nicely, and was so very warm and well flavored. I also drizzled sweetened condensed milk over it – yummy.

Thanks, Grace!

(If anyone in the fam wants me to take this down, just let me know.)

  1. Grace said:

    my condolences to both of you and the rest of john’s family! i’m glad you have him to be your rock in sad times. i’m also glad you found mammy’s recipe useful–i think soaking it in butterscotch schnapps may be the nicest thing you could possibly do to it. 🙂

  2. I’m the same way. Everything that comes out of my mouth is the wrong thing.Thinking of you…..

  3. Oh dear. I’m so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. It was so thoughtful of you to send a cake, and I’m sure everyone was so happy to receive it!

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