This weekend I surprised myself – I reconstituted dried chickpeas and it was actually a successful endeavor! My past attempts at bean cooking were not as good (actually, I can’t really remember trying to make them before… whoops), and even Albany John couldn’t get chickpeas to soften when he’s tried making them.

Maybe these beans were fresher (if they are old they simply won’t soften as much or at all), because it was a snap. I soaked 1 cup of chickpeas in a large Tupperware of water (about 5-7 C of water), covered it, and left them on the counter overnight. By morning, they had plumped up nicely, and so I made falafel.

I used a magic bullet, because by golly, they are awesome at blending things into itsy bitsy particles.


½ – ¾ C soaked chickpeas (I just kind of chucked some in the magic bullet holder)
1 t paprika
1 t cumin
2 cloves garlic
3 – 4 T parsley
lemon juice

Put chickpeas and garlic in blender until gritty and well blended. Add in a squirt of lemon juice, plus seasonings and blend again.

Fry at 325F for a 7-9 minutes.

The seasonings are just a guess, but I used about equal amounts of cumin and paprika, and a TON of parsley. I think I could have gone with less if I didn’t use so much garlic. The garlic smelled very overpowering initially when raw, but didn’t have any hint of being too garlicky once cooked.

I actually intended to use these for making some Ethiopian food, and these early morning (ok, mid-noon) falafel snacks were a tasty treat to get me going on my cooking way.

  1. llcwine said:

    Albany Jane…those look incredibly yummilicious…and I want…no need to get me some soon….on a pita…with tahini….tomatoes..etc…

  2. Thanx llcwine! I was sorely disappointed that we were all out of tahini, too. But these were pretty moist plain, yey!

  3. ooooooohhhhhhh falafel. the glorius chickpea exualted to a higher state.i make a mean hummus but I always use canned beans. a good friend told me dried beans make a BIG difference.by the by, a new afghani/pakistani place opened up in Sch’dy. Kabul Night. Come down and check it out : )

  4. Grace said:

    after much experimentation, i’ve decided canned chickpeas are just as good as rehydrated and 100 times easier. good for you, though, and amazing falafel.

  5. phairhead – Celina’s review made my mouth water for Kabul Nights!Grace – most of my amazement came to that fact that it actually worked, and I didn’t have a pile o’rocky chickpeas sitting in water (how every other time cooking them went)

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