Liberté Yogurt

One of the downfalls of blogging about food is that generally, I do it after eating it. I’ve got a pretty decent turn around from when I snap a picture to when I actually post it online, but it can range from hours to days. For wonderfully delicious food like Liberté yogourt, this tardiness is a tease and it makes me want to have another one as I type. Now if only I could find it in gigantic tubs like they have at the bottom of their website. Oh hey, they also have this website.

I haven’t had a flavor or type of Liberté yogurt I disliked. They are all so good. One of my favorites are the Mediterranean style yogurts which are creamy as all get out and are a good dessert replacement. For a single serving of yogurt, they are a bit pricey at around $1 each, but well worth it. (Also, we aren’t talking off-brand grocery store quality. Think upscale yogurt) This kind is the 6-grain and fruit (raspberry for me).

Upon first opening the yogurt, you see some of the grains floating on the top. And look – none of that yogurt liquid stuff floating around. It’s all still cohesive. The fruit is on the bottom, so we stir it up a bit!

After stirring, the yogurt is a bit pinky colored and you see more of that grainy goodness. (Theoretically, you would see it, once you see past all the glare my camera loves to capture. I think my camera likes to add a bit of pizzaz) I love the chewiness the grains maintain. They are also well populated in the yogurt – there’s not too much so you get tired of eating yogurt chock full of grains, but it definitely adds nutty flavor and changes the texture up.

The flavor of the yogurt overall, though, is something worth checking out. Some have compared it to Fage, the Greek yogurt, but I think it is even creamier and smoother. The fruit flavors are also dead-on and mouth watering. It is definitely a challenge to resist purchasing Liberté yogurt when trying to stick to a budget. They are a worthwhile purchase, and so very tasty.

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  1. why is stir up yogurt so much better than the other kind?

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