Pig Pit BBQ

Funds have been tight, but Albany John was sorely in need of a treat, so we grabbed a pulled pork sandwich from the Pig Pit in Cohoes, NY one night. Actually, I sped over to the Pig Pit after calling in the request for one sandwich at 7:20 pm. It’s a darned good sandwich of pulled, smoky pork, and one I was hoping I wouldn’t miss. They close at 8 pm (and for later-night eaters like us, this is on the early side) and can close a bit earlier when it’s not busy. Generally, we think of ordering by the time they’ve already closed.
This time we were lucky and got a pulled pork sandwich for $6.43 (after tax. Pre-tax it’s $5.95). We both ended up eating this sandwich – it’s huge. It’s like the best of both worlds – cheap, huge portions, and amazingly good. The pork is nice and smoky (not just cooked, pulled pork with some sauce tossed in), and there are charred bits in as well. Easily, this is over one pound of pulled pork. Maybe two. If you are waffling about what to order, I highly recommend this sandwich.
  1. llcwine said:

    yum….I made some at home over the weekend…but this looks better than mine…

  2. i’ve been very curious about Pig Pit. mostly cause i think they’re sign is so cute

  3. llcwine – I bet yours were equally devine! (If you have a smoker *ahem* where was my invite?)phairhead – It is absolutely adorable!

  4. Kate said:

    Oh god, one of the hardest things about living in Cohoes is knowing that Pig Pit is so close by. It kills me. They’re opening a new little place right off of 787 in Cohoes, and frankly the building looks like PJ’s (in Saratoga) part deux. Hope they survive there! That location is doomed to all who dare to open up shop in that spot.

  5. llcwine said:

    Albany Jane..I don’t have a smoker..but what I do have is a weber charcoal grill…I rubbed the butt and sprinkled with cider vinegar the morning before, placed in the fridge…then early in the evening…fired up the grill so I could cook low and slow..along with soaked hickory chunks…after an hour or so…let it cool, put back in the fridge…day of eating…put my oven at 200 degrees around 6 am…put the butt in the oven and let it cook low and slow all day…didn’t quite have the bark I wanted..but did have nice smoke ring and great flavor…made a mixture of lexington style and eastern Carolina sauce…along with slaw and soft rolls….needless to say…NC hubby was very very happy.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I love the pig pit!! I’m excited they’re opening a new store soon… but lately, their pulled pork (my favorite) has been lacking in the flavor department. I think it has something to do with the weekend staff or the preparation.

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