Steamed Fishies

Since we’ve discovered fish for cheap prices at the Asian Food Market on Colvin Ave (Albany, NY), Albany John and I have been enjoying fresh fish more often. Once a week or so, when normally it was monthly at best.

I picked up three carp for $1.99/lb. In total, these were under around $3. They were small fish, maybe a bit longer than your hand. Through wiki-ing, I learned that these were white carp, a misnomer and I think they’re technically a bass type fish. Of course, I can’t find it now, so maybe I just dreamt it. I think it also mentioned this type to be a nuisance and one that can’t be tossed back in after catching, so that explains why they were so cheap. Hiya, loser fish.

If there’s one thing I learned from the last time, it’s that there is no such thing as too much ginger. I used a TON of ginger for these guys, around three to four inches (peeled and sliced hap-hazardly) and stuffed them wherever I could on the fish. Tossed in soy sauce and sweet vermouth and let them steam for a few minutes.

While they fish were steaming, Albany John made some napa cabbage with dried shrimp (he’s really getting into this kind of dish, and I can so hop on. It’s savory and deeply flavored, yet still light and crisp). There might also be some nam pla fish sauce going on in there too.

As if the cabbage weren’t tasty enough, he crisped up some finely chopped (minced?) garlic to toss on top of the cabbage. Yum, yum, yum!

Big thanks to Third Auntie – she left me a wonderful tip in the comments of my last steamed fish for how to tell when the fish are finished. They fish are finished cooking when their eyes are completely opaque. This was a great help this time – I didn’t have to worry or fuss over timing as much. Thank you bunches, Third Auntie!

Taste? Eh, it was OK, but I am not sure I will get them again for steaming. I thought it was a little muddy and cloudy tasting. It was just missing the sweet zip that the porgy had. They’d probably be decent for a cheap frying fish or something else where other flavors are present. However, with the soy-vermouth sauce and tons of ginger, you really can’t go wrong. Albany John forewent with chopsticks after a little while and was hunkered over the pan eating them like a bear.

  1. this looks good! I wish I wasn’t creeped out by fish with heads..

  2. llcwine said:

    I think this may be the kind of fish that I had from the new Buffalo Wagon Pan Asian restaurant…crispy whole fish braised with a wonderful brown sauce….fish was on the smallish side and had a bit of a muddy taste to it…but also, had it as take out…and they wrapped the whole fish up separately fom the sauce so it would not get soggy…btw…food in general from this place was very very good.

  3. “Hiya loser fish” = Line of the day! Hilarious AJ!

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