Happy Birthday, AoA

I was oh so kindly invited to All Over Albany‘s first birthday bash at the Pump Station last Wednesday night.

Yay, I got to meet awesome people – someone with super long hair, and Sandor!

How awesome was that cake?! That is creativity right there, folks!

So Albany John and I went home a bit early-ish (after the speeches, I’m not a total jerk-o) since my tummy was rumbling, and figured I was just hungry.

No, turns out I had food poisioning. I’ve never had food poisoning. This was not pleasant. I spent most of Thursday sweating, sleeping, and Friday doing the same. Albany John was going to make a chicken shepherd’s pie, but ended up making something else entirely different above, which was quite soothing to my upset tummy, when it would let me eat.
Saturday we caught a bit of the parade. My sister from another mister came up from Orange County, NY and brought this pink vodka-sparkling wine concotion called Nuvo that was quite tasty and girly. I had all of 2 teensy sips of it, though, and well, yea. Tummy no likey. But being outside was nice, and the people of Albany are always so happy at this opening festival of good weather.
In sum, food poisoning totally sucks and I would never wish it on anyone. Maybe if you don’t like eating it wouldn’t be that bad, but the entire time I was ill, people were eating tasty, delicious looking things that I had absolutely no appetite for. And not being able to be at least a week bit tipsy at the St Patty’s Day Parade? Oh, epic fail-fest.
Today I’m still eating oatmeal. Fingers crossed, my bloggie loves, that I get over this tummy turmoil soon!
P.S. – I think I got sick from the leftover chickpeas I made after making Falafel. Evidently cooked beans don’t last longer than 1.5 or so weeks, and maybe you shouldn’t eat them for lunch for 2-3 days before you get food poisoning.

  1. cw said:

    hey albany jane – sorry to hear about the food poisoning..did you get it from the pump station? every time i eat there – my tummy is really mad at me the next day…hmmmm.be well!

  2. Aw, thanks cw. I doubt it was the pump station – I was feeling a bit odd when I first got there, although I’m sure gorging upon the glorious food AoA provided maybe didn’t help? (Evidently if you get food poisoning you’re supposed to eat bland things. Well, I figured that one out much later)

  3. awwwww that’s horrible! I had a baaaaaaaad case of food poisoning when I was 8. I was in the hospital for a week ’cause I was dehydrated.

  4. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better. Food poisoning sounds like a bad, bad time.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Hey – just thought I would mention that a nasty gastroenteritis bug is going around. So it may not be food poisoning. I got sick a little while ago and totally thought it was food poisoning until I found out that a bunch of other friends/acquaintances came down with the same disgusting illness (and none had shared food).

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