Cod Cakes

Things I have not yet made with dried cod: cod cakes!

Or, err, things I have not yet made with dried POLLOCK. Eh, same thing, right?

These were quite tasty, so let’s go with a pictorial recipe!

1) Soak 2 fillets of salted cod in water overnight. Change water once.

2) Put salt fish in a pan & cover with water. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer. Cook 15-20 minutes, until the fish starts to flake a bit.

3) Flake the fish into a bowl and remove any extra bones along the way.

Add: 1 T paprika, 1 clove minced garlic, 1/2 T parsely, ( and maybe 1/2 t cumin and whatever else looks and smells good in your spice cabinet), 1 egg, 1 small diced yellow onion, and 1 handful Japanese bread crumbs (panko).

Mix well and form into patties.

4) Coat outsides of patties with panko and pan-fry over medium heat until browned and crispy on both sides (2-4 min per side). I tried deep frying, and the cakes lose a lot of texture and sweetness in frying – it tastes like a fish stick instead. Stick with pan frying.

5) Grab a zesty sauce of your choice and slather away!

I really enjoyed these fishy treats – the panko gave a nice crunch to the cakes, and overall, talk about a cheap and tasty treat – dried pollock is somewhere around $3/lb.

I think the seasonings are easily interchanged, as long as the basic cooked cod + diced onion + egg are kept.
  1. Grace said:

    it’s no secret that i’m not crazy about fish, but i have been known to eat it in cake form. that said, these look outstanding!

  2. phairhead – how could you tell? lol, just a smidge.Grace – what isn’t good in cake form, though? Maybe if I make it like one of your muffins…

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