Shrimp, oh how I love yee

My husbear made some delicious shrimp dishes, with minimal nagging from my department. My favorite was the salad – a light vaguely asiany salad dressing (he whipped something up with a smidge of soy sauce, sesame oil, and uh, other salad dressing-type ingredients) lightly tossed over roughly chopped spinach.

Snoogums – make this again, would you? The shrimp were perfectly cooked – briney and sweet with a little pop/bite when you ate them. The dressing just enhanced them – no masking of their sweet, sweet flavors.

This was poured over pasta – a paprika-milk-cottage cheese combo. I think. Maybe? Albany John? It had onions, peas and shrimp. I liked this as well because it was a light sauce, although it could have been thicker to cling better to the pasta.

Albany John has been really rocking the shrimp dishes lately – the only thing I did was peel and butterfly them. Then I promptly left the kitchen after beginning to nag. See? Good wifey gets out of the kitchen. Only minimal nagging. Silver star (or maybe bronze) – no nagging next time, eh?

  1. i’m not a shrimp eater but that cheese stew thing looked delish!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Mmm, both dishes look fantastic. To make lighter sauces cling to pasta a bit better, add some of the starchy pasta water to the sauce and reduce. Clingy!

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