Mini Foodies

One of the Almost Foodies gang held a miniature themed gathering at her apartment. How many Almost Foodies can one apartment hold? A lot!

You can see a fruit plate of pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, and, I believe, mango. on tooth picks in the bottom left corner. These were so bright and easy to eat. Hello, delicious fruit!

Cheese covered mini chimis (with habaneros!), so good with a nice kick of heat and salsa on the side. And believe it or not, the habaneros didn’t completely burn up my mouth. I even went back for seconds! And thirds! (What? They were tiny!)

Ellsbells‘ beany dip (loved the cilantro in it – so fresh!); uuummm… I am blanking on the name, but these were tiny sweet balls with sesames on the outside – if you love citrus, you will love these bright, chewy, orangy balls.

Crock pot of mini weenies! How fun were these to eat? Tons!

You can kind of see Renee‘s dessert (shortcakes!!) and mine in the background.

But that’s not all folks! Mini Taco dip filled tortilla chips took front and center of the dining table. And what pretty presentation!
In the background are pizza bagels! Mini pizza bagels. With HOME MADE mini bagels. Holy crap, these were soooo freaking good. Soft and yet still chewy. Dude, I need the recipe.

Calzones, I think! The meatballs stuffed in here were so tender (and there was a meat ball-y sauce to accompany the mini-zones!

Here you can see a better picture of Renee’s awesome miniature scones for strawberry shortcake. Crap. I didn’t snap a picture of the whipped cream or strawberries she made either, but trust me, they were delicious. The scones were so light and fluffy! I stopped counting after scone/shortbread #3.

And here is a nice picture from before the chimis arrived. You can see the sweets Renee and I made in the top/background. I made carrot cake balls covered with white chocolate. They were really tasty, too (I ate, like, 12 of them ‘testing’ before bringing them over).
All of the food was really tasty. Good gravy, I do love these Almost Foodies gathering. One day I should try to host my own, but that would mean cleaning my apartment (which means Albany John would clean the apartment since I suck epically at cleaning).

Guess what else Renee found??

Mini beers! These were so fun to drink, and they were tiny so I didn’t even catch a buzz off of them! I could probably drink 2-3 of these and still maintain sobriety! My Asian-ness means I have a fairly low tolerance to alcohol, and generally I turn pinky-red after a few sips. Hello, Asian Glow.

And what mini series is complete without Baby Guiness?! So yumm! A baby guiness is a 50-50 mix of Irish Cream and Coffee Liqueur (i.e. Bailey’s and Kahlua)

This was so much fun, and the apartment was so fun, too! (The decor was awesome) I love these Almost Foodies meetings – food, friends, fun! What more can you ask for? (Also, the food is always outstanding. OUTSTANDING)

  1. JMP said:

    So sad I missed it. I was going to make mini polenta pizzas.When I finish moving into Dan’s and get the place fixed up, I definitely want to play host to the AF gang. Also, I never knew about the Asian flush until a few years ago. My friends Irene and Candice say they will sometimes pass out after more than one drink too.

  2. Mari said:

    All of them look so delicious. I envy you!!

  3. phairhead – you hit the nail on the head!JMP – too bad you guys weren’t there – if for no other reason than I couldn’t make a “One Meatball” reference with the calzone. (And thank goodness, I’m not that bad – I just get pink after a few sips. And redder as they go. )Mari – Aw, thanks!

  4. ellie said:

    I’m SO glad you liked my salsa. I will make it again for you on a night of Boxed Wine! (Which we totally need to haaaaave.)

  5. Grace said:

    <>awesome<> spread! and the mini beers are adorable…i’d hate to keep count of how many of those i could plow through. 🙂

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