Cake Balls

Here’s how I made the carrot cake balls for the Mini Foodies gathering.

I used the recipe from Bakerella for her famous chocolate covered cake balls – so fun! They also provide lots of ball-related jokes and puns. Tee hee.

I found a recipe for carrot cake on someone’s blog – but now I can’t remember the name, or even the name of the cake. It was SomeGuy’s carrot cake. Bob? Bill? I can’t remember – if anyone does, let me know. It’s a pretty popular recipe on the blogosphere, and quite tasty too.

First, you start with a buttload of carrots. Actually, not as many as you would think. I didn’t use a third of these. Whoops. Then you shred the dickens out of the carrots and make a doubled recipe of carrot cake. I was a little quick to draw on the carrots.
Once you’ve cooked your cakes, let them cool completely. Then mangle the crap outta them!! BWAAA ha ha ha ha! Or crumble them into itsy pieces. Whatevs. I did this in a 2 day process – dry over night, crumble the next day.

I made entirely too much cake (one recipe would have been more than enough), so I played around with making mini carrot cakes. So I used a biscuit cutter to make mini rounds, and plopped some cream cheese icing on top.

Unfortunately this cake was way, way, way moist, and did not take well to icing.

So per the recipe, I dumped some icing (yummy cream cheese) into my crumbled cake bits, and mixed until it was well combined.

Then I pinched out pieces of dough and rolled them in between my hands until they turned into balls.

Popped them in the freezer for about 20 minutes or so to firm up. (And to quote one of my friends visiting from Orange County, NY: “Holy shit, you’ve got a ton of food in your freezer”)

Prepped some white chocolate – I bought the Wilton candy making kind because I have a poor track record of candy making. I’m too impatient, and figured I would probably massacre anything with any other kind. These 14 oz bags were around $2 each.

I found it was easiest to melt the chocolates in the microwave, stirring periodically. There’s instructions on the back for candy-inept folk like me.

Ta da! Here’s some of the finished products! There are big balls (tee hee!), and smaller ones in the background. Albany John was adamant that he would divorce me if I didn’t make him some carrot cake lollipops, so I obliged.

“Hi! I’m a fail cake – ugly as hell, but delicious. You know you want me.”

Shhh, mini fail cake. He kept getting in my way, so I had to put him in a safe location. My tummy.

I half-dipped the mini ones so there wouldn’t be a choc-splosion, but shouldn’t have worried because the coatings were fairly thin. Also, I added some vanilla extract to the white chocolate chips after a few dunkings, and Holy BALLS (tee hee)! It messed up the consistency entirely! The chocolates went from smooth and easy to melt, to choppier and less melty.

Thankfully, they tasted better (I thought. Or maybe not), but only a smidge. It was way easier to half dip them so they would get some kind of a coating.
Overall though – this is one fun recipe. Something probably good to do if you’ve got left over cake and kids with nothing to do. When I was a kid, one of my best friends LOVED baking bread when she came over – it kept us busy for a long time, and at the end she had a little loaf of bread to take home with her.

I got a lot of compliments on these, and I really liked them too. They chocolate was a thin, hard shell. When you bit down on them, it gave way to a soft, sweet, and creamy interior of cake. Way good, and way easy to eat lots of them.

  1. did you ever notice that you really love carrot cake or really hate it? no in between

  2. these cake balls have taken the blog world by storm! carrot cake sounds delish! I knew I should have come out of the woodwork and gone to this one… I’ve been lurking on the google list for forever. At this point, I feel like weird stalker-person who missed their chance to actually participate. haha Maybe someday…

  3. phairhead – yes! As a kid I absolutely HATED carrot cake. Now I really like it.LK – it’s never too late! There’s always the next one!

  4. Oh wow. I LOVE carrot cake, but I always wish there was more frosting. This sounds perfect. And so cute, too.

  5. Grace said:

    most appealing cake balls ever, and i’m dead serious. carrot cake and cream cheese frosting and especially the combination thereof make me weak in the knees. 🙂

  6. Lorre said:

    These definitely win the cute but fabulous prize!

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