Fireworks Ice Cream (Happy Birthday L. Pants!)

I’d like to shout belated birthday wishes to Logan at Boots in the Oven!

Happy Birthday, Dude!!!

For his birthday, L. Pants, awesome cheffer that he is, made red velvet poprock cupcakes! Quite the feat, to be sure. I am drooling at the screen just looking at it.

As an e-present, here’s some poprock ice cream to go along with it.

Stewart’s is a local (to NY) convenience store, using New York dairies for their milk, eggs, and (I think) ice cream.

Their ice cream totally rocks. It’s not super-thick – at times it can be a bit airy. But it’s very creamy, and they have dozens of inventive flavor combinations. Growing up, going to Stewart’s for gas, milk, or eggs always presented the potential for shameless ice cream cone begging.

Fireworks is one such creative flavor – vanilla ice cream with a cherry swirl and candy coated popping candy. Along with cotton candy, this is one of my favorite flavors

Once you open the carton up, you’ll see a ton of red and blue candy coated ‘popping candies’, with the bright red cherry swirl in the center.

Once you begin eating the ice cream, it tastes primarily like the vanilla, and cherry if you get some of the swirl. The coating is similar to white chocolate, and once it melts (or you bite down) you’ll have that delightful popping sensation going on in your mouth.

Happy Birthday L. Pants! Here’s a cup for you!

  1. wow! sounds like a fiesta in the mouth! lovely! and happy birthay to Logan!

  2. ellie said:

    Warning: Do not drink coke after eating this ice cream. 🙂

  3. all of Stewart’s flavours are very good except for Birthday Cake. too sweet

  4. I love Stewarts ice cream, and this one especially. Sometimes I get it as a milkshake, which is extra fun.

  5. Hey Albany Jane! Thanks for the awesome birthday happys and the delicious e-sweets. I gots to try me some of that. You totally rock!

  6. Grace said:

    yep, stewart’s has some good ice cream, and i don’t get my milk anywhere else. i haven’t tried this flavor, but i’ll keep my eyes peeled–it looks fun!

  7. burpandslurp – oh, it totally is! ellie – lol!phairhead – I don’t think birthday cake ice cream ever tastes good. Just something off about the flavors.LK – Ohhh! That sounds like fun! I’ll have to try it!Logan – Glad you enjoy it, dear!Grace – it’s one that isn’t stocked in all of them at all times, but is totally worth a try!

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