Har Cheung

In this month’s continuing posts of “How I went Overbudget”, here are some har cheung I made (my pin yin is awful, this is totally just how it sounds, if I’m even getting the word right), aka shrimp rice rolls.

These are my favorite to order at dim sum, but I can’t find any place up here in Albany, NY that does them well. If they have them at any of the local restaurants up here, I’ve tried them, and they are just pitiful (shriveled, dry rice and overcooked shrimp).

I lucked out and walked into the Asian Food Market on Colvin Ave on a day when they had fresh shipments of foods from the city. Hello, fresh rice noodle rolls! (and some har gau to nibble on, too) I bought some shrimp as well, and went home and made these.

They weren’t too dificult – pull out some noodles, and microwave them until they are warm and pliable. Then carefully unroll them and put in 2 shrimp. Roll back up and eat! These were quite satisfying, and as always, I wanted another 10 after eating them.

  1. wow- these look so simple, but so good! I need to make it more of a habit to stop in at the Asian market to explore.

  2. tofuprincess said:

    Have you tried Shining Rainbow on Central Ave yet? They seem to do dimsum..we went there and tried the Peking Duck which was crispy, tender and just really really good. I’d love to hear your take on this place.. http://www.shiningrainbow.com .. I love your blog btw..i had to make a comment.

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