Cruzan Rums

Albany John and I got to hang out with Manhattan Maka and her family over Easter weekend. Chicago Velvet Smoove was also there to meet some of her relatives, and Manhattan Maka also brought along a gift she had gotten me while her and CVS were in the US Virgin Islands. A Cruzan Rum Sampler!!

I love rum. I mean, I love liquor and such in general, but oh baby do I ever have a soft spot in my liver for rum. I like it for a few reasons – even the dark rum is fairly light, there’s always that lovely note of sugarcane, for some reason I tend not to get really shitfaced off of two or three drinks (I’ve mentioned it before, but my tolerance for alcohol is generally low), and rum is almost always present in those delicious tiki drinks.

Now, I could tell that little box was feeling very out of place from its native home in the Caribbean while posing on my stairs.

So I took them out so they could breathe a bit. Coconut, Black Cherry, Vanilla and Banana are in this row. I drank all of the coconut – you can find the coconut rum easily here, as well as Vanilla. I still haven’t tried the other two (I’m not really a banana fan, so I think I might wait on this one a bit). The box also has a really tasty sounding recipe for a ‘Cheesecake’ drink with the Vanilla… mmmm. Liquid cheesecake.

And here is the other row – a light rum, mango, guava, and raspberry. The Guava was sitting there in place of the dark rum, but OMG – LOVE. On its own, it was a little harsh, but with a light mixer it tasted very much like guava. I am visualizing many summer evenings on the porch with some guava-rum-lemonade. This was such a row of winners – all were yummy.

  1. holy cow! looks amazing. gotta post that “Cheesecake” receipe when you perfect it : )

  2. some of those look amazing (the banana… not so much) and the cheesecake drink sounds awesome!

    There’s something about rum that instantly makes me feeling like I’m on vacation. I have a signature drink called “tastes like a cruise” which consists of rum, coconut rum, and whatever juice I have on hand.

  3. JMP said:

    My mom has a huge mint patch in the garden at her school. In the summer, it’s so nice to walk over there, pick a bunch and then use it make mojitos. It feels like the utmost in luxury!

    I got a similar sampler after a friend’s VI trip. Got to agree on the banana – ew.

  4. Grace said:

    “i have a soft spot in my liver for rum.”
    i’ve never heard it put quite like that, but i love it and i’m the same way. 🙂

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