Miracle Fruit: Almost Foodies Edition

This weekend some of us folks met up in Prospect Park for an illicit Miracle Fruit Flavor Tripping Party. Woo woo!
Ok, not terribly illicit, but doling out tabs of miracle fruit sure makes me feel like a bad ass.
Sandor whipped out this handy make shift table for us since Prospect Park didn’t have both tables AND shelter in the same area. Ooookie dokie.
As always – lemon juice and key lime juice rocked. Grapefruits tasted incredibly sweet and warm. Don’t try the fish sauce – holy crap that stuff was potent! Mints don’t taste minty, just kind of numb, and also nearly get rid of the miracle fruit effect (it came back a few mins later, but a bit subtler). Greek yogurt makes me want to slather it all over my body (I didn’t think it could taste any better!). Salt & Vinegar chips taste like salt & sugar. Brave people will try the pickled/jellied/jarred ham hocks – and those who didn’t will be glad they refrained. Olives taste like olives.
I loved hanging with everyone – although if I organize another event in the future I will make sure it has tables and chairs. Or at least bring blankets.
  1. greek yoghurt all over yr naked body? You are a total bad ass!

  2. Sandor said:

    Fish sauce rules!
    I give you “teh Fail!” 🙂

  3. ellie said:

    Pickled cabbage tasted sweet, and that was kinda gross.

  4. Sandor said:

    The only thing that really pushed me over the edge was the plum mush. Thought I only took a little bit on the spoon but within seconds it hit that “Oh crap, I just ate way more wasabi than I thought I did” spot in my head.

    On a related note, Omnivorous Regina (the foodie nickname I just made up 3 seconds ago for the girlfriend) is using her OCD powers for Good (for once) and is researching miracle fruit-enhanced recipes that sound appealing both off and “on the berry.” Details to follow.

  5. phairhead – well, maybe not eeeeverywhere. That could be a bit, uh… sticky?

    Sandor – I am totally fine with failing that :p

    And on #2 – SWEET! Can’t wait!

    ellie – yea, I think some of us had lines that certain foods couldn’t cross (and totally did)

  6. renee said:

    dudes, that was so much fun. thank you for putting this together! i am going through my photos from that day, and they all look like product endorsements for the condiments we ate.

    sandor, did you try the plum mush (aka umeboshi plum paste) before going on the berry? crazy stuff! so glad i got rid of it. ha!

    i plan to blog about this. really, i do!

    my favorite part of the event was feeling like we were up to no good in that park.

  7. Grace said:

    note to self–sample combination of greek yogurt and miracle fruit. 🙂

  8. JMP said:

    I loooove sauerkraut so much that I eat it from the jar, but when mixed with miracle berry, it was atrocious. I think the pig’s foot might have made the boy a little sick….

    I’m bummed that coffee beans didn’t taste like a frappucino.

  9. I ve been wanting to try this. What is the best way to get this fruit?

  10. Maris said:

    What exactly is miracle fruit? I’ve seen them advertised at the specialty food store I go to.

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