Capital Q

On Saturday, following the Flavor Tripping party, Albany John was found himself in need of something that wasn’t super-acidic or cloyingly sweet. Trust me, after these miracle fruit parties, sometimes you need a little something more in your stomach than citrus, and other tart condiments (no, you’re a tart condiment!)

Albany John wanted ribs, and so we were off to Capital Q. I was a bit hesitant since we’ve been on a fairly tight food budget lately, and one that hasn’t allowed much wiggle room for extras. But then he made this cute pouty I-need-ribs face, and soon I was chanting ‘RIBS!’ right along with him. We’re very enthusiastic people.

Above are the 2 Kansas City style ribs (slathered in Okie sauce), and a quarter smoked chicken. We got the dark meat because Albany John was looking at the menu and says: “The ribs are $2.25 each, and these are only $3!” And dark meat is our favorite cut of the bird, so it was pretty obvious we had to try it.

The ribs were succulent and juicy. The meat was just falling off of the bone as soon as I bit in, and oh, the wonderful, flavor that is smoked meat. I thought the sauce was a little too tomato-y, but Albany John was in LURVE. And this is why our marriage works. Oh, yea. Capital Q also did the meaty mains for our wedding and now I am wondering why in the heck I just stuck with the pulled pork? I totally should have gotten some ribs and chicken as well. (P.S. Dad, if you are reading this, I have got to get you some of these ribs. 10x better than when we were in TN for the bro’s wedding. Seriously)

The chicken? Dear goodness – the sauce that has been smoked into the chicken is phenomenal. There’s a nicely darkened spicy kick in the skin, and the meat is melt-in-your-mouth soft. This is chicken done right – tender, amazingly seasoned, and it makes you want to go back for more.

We also got one Memphis style rib. It’s just a dry rub, no sauce. I was so in love with this rib of smokey goodness. The smoke was wonderfully present, and the rub was amazing too. Not spicey-hot or anything, but it really brought out all the wonderful porky, smokey flavors of the rib. Out of the two, I really loved this rib, but I’ve generally been more of a dry-rub kind of a gal to begin with. There was also a wonderfully tart vinegar-mustard kind of sauce that I thought was phenomenal as well (Albany John wasn’t as into it for some reason. Weirdo), but these meats do not need any accoutrements.
Portion-wise, I was totally satisfied. The ribs were large, succulent and meaty, and the bird was also a nicely sized leg. We spent $9.75 total for this wonderfully filling snacky treat.
Afterwards we went to Lark Street and walked around a bit. I was magically pulled into Crisan by their gelato ray, and got 2 scoops of gelato. Yay, $1/scoop gelatos are back! I got a coconut and pistachio. Pistachio was a little floral/not-very-sweet for me, but that is the exact reason Albany John loved it. He doesn’t really like sugary sweet confections, so this little gem was right up his alley. I loved the coconut because it was just sweet enough, and had teensy bits of coconut in the gelato! These were also the exact reasons Albany John didn’t like it, so we were quite happy eating the gelatos we enjoyed.
  1. gelato? on Lark St.? don’t tell anyone else 🙂

    i want to marry gelato

    thanks for the review of Capital Q. I’ve only ever been to Smokey Bones. it’s not bad for chain food

  2. It’s ok – their gelato is so good, and they have so many flavors! I think gelato will have to be polygamous, though, because I am calling dibs in that marriage too!

  3. oh man, this looks awesome!! I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet, but now I think I need to.

  4. Grace said:

    the meat looks great, but i can’t help but be distracted by your mention of gelato. and $1 per scoop? that’s insanity, and i must join in immediately. 🙂

  5. JBAlbany said:

    I would like to recommend Shane’s Rib Shack in Clifton Park. It’s kind of like a Nothing but Noodles style chain with some pretty decent BBQ. They have 4 different BBQ sauces. Oh yea, did I mention they serve beer (32 oz domestic $3.50)

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