Hola! My bro, sister-in-law, their roomie, and Ellsbells came over for Cinco de Mayo yesterday.
After a really long day, we were glad to have our family over to eat, drink, and generally be merry (though, the margaritas could have also helped in that department).
At the top left are some sweet vanilla-y plantain balls Albany John conjured up.
The middle row has: shredded chicken legs(metal bowl), corn tortillas, refried beans, seitan
Bottom= yellow shredded cheese, red cup of salsa, and white rice.
(And Ellsbells’ toes. Sorry dude, your toes were in like every other picture. Albany John can shoot pics w/o misc body parts. Me? Not so much)
The chicken was nice and cilantro-y. Yum! It’s all Albany John and his chicken chicanery. Chickenery, if you will. I am psyched for leftovers this week.
The tortillas took for freaking ever, but this time I had 2 pans going at once, which helped cut the cooking time down. Man, you should have seen Albany John, Ellsbells, and me dancing around eachother in the kitchen last night!
I think I’ve also decided that cheese is kind of unnecessary with Mexican food. I can never really taste it. However, refried beans are essential. If I can find a good enchilada sauce recipe, I am seeing chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight!
  1. i can make low fat chicken enchiladas. if you want the receipe let me know : )

    feliz cinco de mayo, amiga!

  2. Grace said:

    frankly, i wouldn’t mind seeing chicken enchiladas for dinner every night. i love me some mexican food. 🙂

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