I Eat A Lot Of Different Things, All At Once

You know, it’s really odd when all the dishes in our meals are from the same culture.

For example, I made some ghetto egg sushi rolls. And “wish” roll bites, which was just rice wrapped with some toasted nori. The ghetto sushi rolls were actually not too shabby – they say brokeassed-ness is the mother of invention, right? Well, these were just made of warm jasmine rice, eggs, and toasted nori sheets. Yummy.

The egg was lightly scrambled in the pan, and I sprinkled in a little sugar as well. (2 eggs and about 1 t white sugar). Then as it was cooking, I folded it up into a rectangle column like you would for tamago.

A surprising success. Authentic? Oh, hell naw, but rather satisfying and not at all fussy or time consuming.

I liked the little wish bites since they were like mini onigiri. Kind of. I dubbed them ‘wish’ rolls since I wished there was something else in them.

I found kim chi in my fridge! Oh, happy day! Something spicy to eat with the sushi!

And what on earth could this be? No, it’s not a creamy scoop of gelato! This is a thick yogurt. I made yogurt over the weekend using an easy technique I found and made about 3 cups of yogurt.

Technique: Scald milk to 180F. Stir in 1 T yogurt with active/live cultures per cup of milk. Let sit in an oven for 4-6 hours until it sets and becomes yogurty in texture.

I used whole milk, so this tasted very rich! It was like a cross between sour cream, soft cheese, and cream cheese. Albany John wants me to make a cheesecake out of this, but that would be a lot of yogurt! This was initially about 1.5-2 cups of yogurt, and reduced to around 2/3 of a cup.

We’ve got some fusion here! Albany John made what he dubbed Irish tortillas, and they were phenomenal!

They are tortillas made from potatoes! He even pressed them in the tortilla press! Basically, he boiled some potatoes, mashed them up a bit with some rice flour, and added in fresh, chopped chives. Success! The rice flour helped them hold shape enough to press them in the tortilla press without imparting any flavor of its own. Also makes me glad you only have to plant chives once – they grow like weeds afterwards. Delicious, edible weeds!

As I was biting into one, Albany John goes, “Guess which flour I used?” I chewed for a bit and then said “Rice flour… the one in the red bag.” He looked at me in disbelief, but hey, at least it shows I know my flours, right?

I also look at my dear husband the same way when I come home with spices and seasonings and he blindly sniffs them and guesses each one correctly. Seriously, give me 10 spices and after 2 I’ll be guessing “Uhhh, footy green?”Actually, it’s not that difficult to guess rice flour, since AP flour tends to taste raw when used just as a binder and not cooked extensively. Rice flour is very fine and adds a nice gummy stickiness without additional raw flavor.

Here’s some more of my ghetto sushi. I had some fuzzy little buddies with me the day I made these, and two of the little guys ran off with some of the bites when we weren’t looking! Oddly enough, they chose the vegan ones with no filling. They were so cute; it was hard to take it away from them.

  1. the tortillas sound like naan. which is pretty freakin’ awesome in my book

  2. haha.. I love the wish sushi. Too funny.

    the potato tortillas sounds great! I used to go to a restaurant that made an awesome potato pancake quesadilla… I bet that would be a great use for these!

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