Wolff’s Biergarten

I have married a rather rockin’ dude. He is capable of doing whatever he sets his mind to. He is a great rock, and foil to my own shortcomings. He’s always got a great head on his shoulders – he can always be counted upon to have the most logical solution to a problem without getting emotionally vested. He hardly ever complains. He can whip up a multi-course feast out of the paltriest of pantries in the blink of an eye.

Combine all that with being wildly smart, witty, and handsome? Well, he’s quite the winning combination.

For his recent birthday fete, we went to check out Wolff’s Biergarten with some friends. Ellsbells, Life of My Mouth and her partner, mi madre, and another buddy met up one eve with us to scarf some German food and quaff some biers.

On your actual birthday, you get a 2 liter boot of beer for free. I was expecting something similar to Bomber’s birthday margarita (where you and your friends buy something like $15 of drinks/stuff and then you get a free margarita), but this was absolutely gratis.

Somehow I managed to only get pictures of Albany John holding the big boot, so I had to use my poor GIMP-ing skills to crop him out of the above picture. But you do get to see how big the boot is!

I have recently developed a distate for beer and have never been a real wine gal, so I opted for the Lindemann’s Framboise. It was $12.50 for a small bottle. Woo, a little steep! But it tastes like fresh, ripe, juicy raspberries with some bubbles, and if it is all you are going to drink, I highly recommend it. (Oh, and don’t worry, every beer lover I know is giving me grief for not liking beer at the moment. I want to like beer again, too!)

Free peanuts! After we got our drinks from the bar (it’s still the same bar location as Noche’s, for reference), we sat down and then a few of us got up to grab menus from the food area. That area is in the back right. There are menus and little pencil nubs to pick your food out with. Just write your name atop, give it to the nice person on register, pay, and wait for your name to be called out. As the place filled up, you couldn’t hear what the person on the bullhorn was saying (it just was muffled loudness with the large crowd). They were really busy over there, but always nice enough to let me know if my name had been called or not.
I liked this set up of 2 different stations (one for drinks, one for food). They are cash only, but they said they also allow people under 21 in to eat. Trust me
Ellsbells got the tofu dogs with curry and switched up her schnitzel for fries. I’m not really a fan of fake hot dog products, but with the curry sauce over them, they were pretty passable.

The curry sauce had a really nice little kick to it, too. I think I would next like to get currywurst.

Albany John got the bratwurst platter for $8.50. 2 snappy sausages with potato salad and warm saurkraut. I think he stole my bun. These were quite good. I like bratwurst, especially with a snappy skin. The potato salad was smashed red potatoes loaded with garlic and I kept stealing bites when Albany John wasn’t looking.

They had veal weinerschnitzel as a special when we were there. Normally all of their schnitzels are pork based, so when I saw veal, I hopped on it! At $12.50, this was fantastic! I tried to load up on the warm saurkraut as a healthy thing so I wouldn’t eat too much, but I ate every last bit of these delicious breaded patties. The outside was crisp and well seasoned with garlic and salt, and the inner thin layer of veal was meltingly tender. The fresh lemon was a nice touch too. Normally I don’t like the combination of citrus + justaboutanythingelse, but it highlighted different flavors. And it wasn’t the least bit oily, either.

I wasn’t too crazy about the spatzel (a pasta noodle type dish). They were smothered in butter (yum), but a bit too tough and bland for me. I think next time I’ll see if they could switch up the spatzel for fries (or pommes frites). I begged of a fry from Ellsbells, and they were also very tasty. Then again my stomach was filled up with tastiness of veal, and I didn’t overeat.
Am I clear enough that I was fanatical for the veal schnitzel? Man, I could eat that every day.

Oh, oh, oh! I forgot about the mustards. They were great! The yellow mustard wasn’t just ‘yellow’ and blah tasting, it was just like a more mellow version of the darker mustard (which was nice and spicy!).

Here is Albany John’s 1 litre glass of beer. It was a hefeweizen that he said had some clove flavor. He absolutely loved it and spent a long time savoring it. As the night wore on, we saw other people with boots as well, having a great time.

Overall, I can’t wait until our next visit to Wolff’s. There was a great mix of people there, not really one type of crowd. The moods were really festive, and it got packed the later it got. They have ping pong and darts, and the parking (street only) wasn’t a problem either. Price wise, this is a nice and afforable time in a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere (seriously, EVERYONE seemed to be smiling and laughing). Albany John’s parents and my Dad cannot wait to come check this place out.

  1. JMP said:

    And we rocked the hizzy with our awesome pong skills.

    Or not….

  2. OMG!!! That’s all i ever drink anymore is the cherry lambic. though i did snarf down the raspberry lambic on saturday night. ever since i had my gall bladder out, i can’t stomach beer. or maybe i’m just a kook : )

  3. JMP – the way I see it, we were free entertainment. lol.

    phairhead – sweet, let’s start a lambic quaffing club!

  4. OMG, Daniel B! That looks divine! I do drink wine, but typically it is from a box since I can’t tell much difference between wines. The only wine I know I absolutely love is a spanish temeranillo with blue font. Also odd since I generally prefer white or *gasp* pink wine. I think I will swap white chocolate for dark. Yum!

  5. we went a few weeks ago for lunch and the place was hopping! A little crowded for my liking ,so I doubr I’d like it very much at night- at least not until some of the novelty wears off. I had the bratwurst and agree that it was really good (and I loved the potatoes!). Could def drop a lot of money there quickly though.

  6. There are some lovely pink wines out there. I am man enough to drink them. And warmer weather and grilled sausages just scream for a dry rose.

    What you need is a four-glass wine tasting. And I promise you, you will be able to tell the difference between wines. I need to do a post on the subject.

    I’ll add it to my running list.

  7. Grace said:

    well, i’m certainly glad you’re fond of your husband. 🙂
    and that’s an awesome beer glass–i have a feeling that the kleptomaniac inside me would emerge and i’d try to sneak out of the place with it hidden under my shirt. 🙂

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