Bombers Burrito Bar

What a weekend of birthdays! Monday was my crafty designer friend’s birthday. He wanted to head over to Bombers, so we met him there for dinner.

And guess what Monday nights are? Cheap wing night! Albany John got the whiskey ones and I got the tequila wings. 12 wings for $4.99. Yum. My tequila wings were spicy as all hell! I like that about them though. They can be “Wow, this is spicy!” to “Awww YEAH! So spicy, but so good megahot!”

I managed to get three of them down. And one of them might have been one of the slightly less spicy whiskey wings. Yep, spice wuss here! If only there were more than 3 sticks of celery on the plate, then I may have stood a chance of eating mo’ wingies.

Happy Birthday to you! (see the Whiskey Wings above?) Albany John’s whiskey wings were also good. I like that Bomber’s wings have a nice crunch to the skin. You don’t need to ask for them ‘crispy’ here, but I’m sure you could ask for super-crispy if you wanted to.

I also couldn’t resist a margarita ($8). They do make great margaritas at Bombers’ bar. The bday ones taste a little more watered down (but they’re gigantic and have a good amount to them any way). Our waitress said there were 6 regular margaritas in the big birthday one, but I think they leave out some tequila because that would be REALLY boozy if they did. Can you imagine how many people would have to be helped out if there really were 6 full strength margaritas in there?!

Hey, I also noticed I’ve been really annoying and writing “Bomber’s” instead of Bombers. Whoops! And guess what tonight is? Wednesday is $5 margarita night! Go get yourself a prickly pear (or any of them. All the flavors rock) margarita for me.

Ok, and now to recover from a week/weekend of eating, drinking, being merry, and spending too much of our savings. I did splurge and buy some pei choy sum for $1.39/lb at the Asian Food Market – Hello fresh veggies at dinner!

  1. The prickly pear is my favorite too! I might have to go over for dinner tonight. I wonder if they’ll provide a to go cup for the margarita?

  2. they finally opened a Bombers in Sch’dy. we have yet to get there. SexyBeast is a bit wary ’cause he’s had severe intestinal distress everytime he goes to the Lark St. location. But I think I can entice him w/ yr good wing review.

  3. Grace said:

    i’m excited to try the bombers in schenectady too. i haven’t had a good burrito in a looooong time, but i definitely don’t want any intestinal distress… 🙂

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