The Veggie Cart Cometh!

It’s like when you stop looking for something, it just falls into your lap. Wonderful! He only had a little bit of cash monies on him, but he grabbed a bag of spinach, carrots, 3 zucchini, 3 braeburn apples, a lime, and this lovely perfectly ripe melon. Mmmm. Honeydew melon.

He was also informed by one of the kind folx there (who also plays in Sgt Dunbar, so = super awesome) that lime juice squeezed on honeydew was delicious.

Dudes, it SO IS. The tartness of the juice really brought out the sweetness of the honeydew. I wolfed down half of melon when Albany John brought it out. After we’d been snacking on some earlier. He looked at me and said “Wow”, to which I replied “Why did you put this in front of me and not eat any?”. It was so fresh and tasty. Yum!

Fingers crossed I find them again on Saturday. Somewhere!

  1. david said:

    scanning in writing you as not serious, but after I read that you were a reliable author

  2. JMP said:

    I have no idea what the above commenter is attempting to say…

    That said, yeah, EJ is pretty cool. A friend from college, Lauren, is also a veggie mobile worker.

    I agree on the lime juice. I put lime juice on canteloupe too. Tasty!

  3. David – thank you? I’m not quite understanding what you wrote either, but I’ll consider it favorable. 🙂

    JMP – I love how ‘SmAlbany’ things are sometimes!

  4. drats, foiled again! living in sch’dy we have no veggie-mobile : (

  5. Grace said:

    that’s a massive, luscious honeydew. i’d never heard that lime juice did such things, but i’ll remember that tip when i prepare to sink my teeth into the first melon of the season–thanks!

  6. phairhead – they stop in schdy thurs, fri and sat!

    grace – mmm, melons!

  7. Lime (and a sprinkle of salt) is amazing on super ripe mango as well! Had it that way from a booth at a flea market in Bklyn, never looked back…

  8. Audrey said:

    Hi Audrey here from Community Gardens – The Veggie Mobile actually has several stops in Schenectady as well as Troy and Albany.

    You can see The Veggie Mobile schedule on our website and even download a copy:

    Once a stop is scheduled we’re there every week at the same time, so come on by!

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