Potato Curry with Shallot Pancakes

Ugly as hell, but tasty as sin. A simple curry dish (I’ve been fascinated to know that ‘curry’ is akin to ‘stir-fry’, meaning, stuff in a pan/pot with misc seasonings) of potato, eggplant, and mustard seeds.

My gluten-free designer pal has made this dish a few times, and it’s very addictive. His version has fresh spinach (blanched just before combining with everything else at the last min). Mine? I used an eggplant we had in the fridge with fairly good results. The potatoes kept sticking (so I either needed a lower flame or maybe to par-boil them).

I only used about 2 tablespoons of mustard seeds for 8 potatoes. Not nearly enough. They aren’t too spicy, and add a great popping flavor to the dish, akin to flying fish roe on sushi.

You can use scallion pancakes (recipe nyah) ripped off to grab pinches of the potato curry. Kind of a ChIndo fusion. Yummy. Also, feel free to sub shallots or other onions for scallions in the pancakes. It’s good.

Potato Curry Recipe
Potatoes, peeled and cubed
3 T or more mustard seeds
1 eggplant
1 large onion
3 cloves garlic
5-6 shallots
1” ginger, peeled

Slice eggplant into long strips. Salt and let sit for 30-60 min to drain.

Puree onion, garlic, shallots, and ginger into a paste.

Put oil in a pot over low-medium flame. Add mustard and toast.

Add onion paste and cook until paste turns green. (trust me, it’s cool looking)

Add in potato cubes and ~ 1/3 C water. Cover and let cook 5 minutes.

Dry off eggplant and slice into thin strips. Add to potato cubes.

You’ll have to periodically add more water, about ¼-1/3 cup at a time, every so often if it looks like the potatoes are sticking to the pan.

Cook them both covered for ~ 20 – 30 minutes, depending on how large your potato chunks are.

  1. JMP said:

    I like the idea of adding spinach. For some reason, I get a little freaked out by eating a meal without some green in it. Even with my quickie mac n’ cheese last night, steamed asparagus was a must.

  2. I agree with JMP about this needing some green. It sounds delicious either way, but I think I’d prefer it with the spinach.

  3. AlbanyJane: you’ve done it again! Except I would sub the eggplant w/ spinahc. fie on eggplant!

  4. Grace said:

    taters, eggplant, and mustard sounds like a winning combination to me. i was happy to see there wasn’t actually any curry powder involved. 🙂

  5. Anonymous said:

    Albany Jane, I love your blog and check it daily. I hope you don’t take offense to this, but PLEASE post something new so I don’t have to look at that photo every time I navigate here.

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