Basic Boule

I never thought I’d say this, but… The No-Knead Bread is no longer my favorite bread to make at home.

Nope – now I have a new love – this book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (or something like that). The basic premise is that you make a big batch of bread and have it in your fridge for around 10-14 days, and you can grab a hunk-o-dough when you want to make your bread.

Holy mama. New Hawtness, yeeessssss. If you are a bread fanatic like me, this will rock your world.

I had to use the biggest bowl I owned, a big metal one with markings up to 6 quarts on the side. A down side to this method is it takes up a lot of refrigerator real estate.

I grabbed a large handful of fresh dough and shaped it like a wheel. I thought a new shape would be neato to try out. Covered it and let it rest for 40 minutes. You let it rest longer if it’s been in the fridge, but I couldn’t wait. Artisan style bread with short proofing times? Oh, I had to check it out.

After baking, the loaf came out and looked all pretty. Brown and golden, it was crackling as it cooled. How promising!
The little slashy marks I put in the dough even came out. (I also need a sharper knife for slashing raw dough. Straight razor?)

After letting the loaf cool for a bit, I sliced in, fingers crossed that it would be tasty. Oh, how tasty it was! And look at that crumb! Phenomenal. The crust was thin and crisp-crunchy. I would liken the crust to a combination of French and Italian style. The book talked about a custardy crumb, which made a whole lot more sense after biting into this. Very moist, and more cohesive than other crumbs I’ve had.
In comparison to the no-knead bread, this crust was thinner and chewy. The crumb was denser (= better for butter slatherings) and moister. Overall, I like this recipe/method a bit better since it is less fussy. No more waiting and guaging 18 or so hours of rise times, plus the other rise time. No pre-heating pans for an hour before baking. I just baked mine on my pizza stone, which just heated up in the oven when I was pre-heating it any way.

I’ve got another bread for you I created after an inspiring trip to the Farmer’s Market up next!

  1. Greg said:

    That looks great! We got that book recently and just haven’t gotten around to trying it out.

    Now I can’t wait!

  2. Awesome, Greg! I know they will just turn out wonderfully!

  3. that looks yummylicious! kinda like a bagel except more crusty bread like

  4. Grace said:

    seriously, even in 2d i can tell it’s a perfect bread–soft and pillowy inside and crispity crunchy on the outside. terrific!

  5. Robbin D said:

    I have never purchased a packet of yeast in my life – but this inspired me to do so. I made the bread – and it was AWESOME! I rolled it flat and made an amazing crispy pizza dough, I added cranberries and cashews and gave it to my Mom, I added dill and onion and made the BEST sandwich ever!! THANK you!!!!

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