Chicken & Vino

I was never much good at those “What did you do for XYZ Vacation?” reports. Inevitably, what I did was usually nothing (and it’s really hard to stretch out watching Conan the Barbarian into a multi-page essay). But here’s what I did for Memorial Day weekend.

Spent Saturday at beaches, and Sunday night grilling at my brother’s casa with basically the entire crew of family. Above is some chicken that I heard was delicious, but I filled up on burgers and Labatt’s beer (oh, update – my tounge has decided beer is palatable once again! woo hoo!), so I didn’t get to try any. We rubbed it the night before with some of the Caribbean spices Albany John’s brother gave us from his trip down there. I kind of like seeing the blue ‘vegetarian’ label on the background on the can of beans. I think it’s kind of funny or ironic or something.

Early the next morning, some of us hopped in the car and headed out for the shores of vermont. Or the ledges, or what have you. Body of water! Day three! Long day sunning ourselves on a nice warm day. (Hooray for SPF, hunh? I just discovered I slightly burned a part in the part of my hair. Not bad for all day sun exposure)

On the way home, we stopped off at some store. I can’t really remember which, since I was sun-zonked-out, but found a cheapo bottle of wine. I used my family’s rigorous method for picking out a bottle of wine, which is thus: find the coolest looking bottle and go for it. And after being rather bohemian for the day, I decided that Bohemian Way Californa Pinot Grigio was the way to go. Also, not bad at $5.99 per bottle.

Here is the back label. It wasn’t too bad. Fairly crisp and citrus-y without being too tart. Mellowed a little bit after opening. Is gasoline-y a term used in wine tasting? Either way, it wasn’t really a bad thing, but there was/were some note(s) in it that really made me think of gasoline. Some kind of high note in the nose and maybe in the back of the tongue. Overall I found it rather refreshing. I bet this would make a pretty good white wine sangria or a spritzer.

  1. boyfriend made a kick ass brisket. check out the Sonaran Grill cookbook by Mad Coyote Joe. even if it’s for the name alone

  2. Glenna said:

    Sounds like a wonderful day! We were sitting around bemoaning rain. LOVE your method for picking out wine. I do something similar with labels and names. That’s how I found “Fat Bastard”. It made me laugh and isn’t a bad drink either.

  3. k said:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend. You can never go wrong with bbqs, beaches and wine.

    Also… I tried Liberte yogurt after reading your blog and fell in love with it… so FYI, in case you didn’t know, Hannaford receipts have a coupon for 60 cents off of one. Not bad at all!

  4. boo to the sunburnt part, but really not bad for a day in the sun. can’t really get sun screen there…

    you r description of the wine makes me laugh. i don’t know whether to try it or to run far away. lol

  5. phairhead – ooohhh. brisket = love.

    Glenna – oh, it’s rained just about every day since! :p I’ll have to try fat bastard!

    k – omg, it is so addictive, no?!

    lk – yeah, I still can’t even decide if I’d give it another go… just maybe.

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